Don’t be your own vision blocker

It has been awhile since my last post. I have been feeling a bit uninspired lately & it is extremely hard for me to write when I get in that rut. Awhile back though something small occurred which inspired me to write today’s post. So I grabbed my Iphone & started to write.

As I stood at the end of my road waiting for a route taxi (not sure if that is unique to Jamaica) to work a few of my curls fell in my face & blocked my vision for a few minutes; I proceeded to exclaim “Curls you look too good to be a vision blocker.” 



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I am Dancing Abroad before I Dance a Yard Thanks to GT Network

The blog title is my own play on a Jamaican proverb I grew up hearing.

Learn fi dance a yaad before yuh dance abraad.
TRANSLATION:Learn to dance at home before you dance abroad.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Try perfecting a skill in private before displaying it in public.

Well being my unruly self (like my hair) I had to dance abroad before I danced at home & I have to thank GT Network based in Trinidad & Tobago for that one dance.



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No Sir…I love me WAY more than I love you.

I was sitting innocently at my desk listening to a song I have listened to many times but for some reason today I actually listened to it.

The song is very melodic & captivating so I attribute that to me not really noticing what the hell she was singing about. In the song, her man is obviously in love with someone else even though he is in a relationship with her. What is her solution to this little situation?…drink herself numb.

I was like hold up hun…you ago do wah?

This man is out right giving you bun (as we Jamaicans term cheating) & instead of putting on your big girl panties & leaving, your choice is to drink yourself into a stupor. Maybe it’s because I have been single so long but this is how we women handle men nowadays?

We ignore blatant acts of disrespect from a spouse in the name of love & end up  hurting ourselves. If that is the kind of sacrifice a relationship requires I think I’ll be playing for team single for a while.

Ladies, as cliche as it sounds, we need to love ourselves before we seek to love another. If you find yourself “self destructing” it is time to leave your relationship.

Don’t take shit from no man for the sake of gifts, money, status or just to simply have someone.



The Day Before…

Sunday is my least favourite day of the week. It’s the day before my mundane routine begins for another five days.

I know I know… *insert all versions of positivity* I have the power to make my day or week spectacular.

Sometimes though, the change we need is bigger than our current situation & can’t be made just yet because of other obligations.

Sometimes you have to sit through the mundane until the time is right to make the move to something spectacular & that is the part of life you’re rarely reminded about. It’s the ugly stepsister we rarely speak of…

It is ok to live through a mundane routine… just don’t make it a permanent habit. Sometimes it is the necessary stepping stone to fulfil your true purpose & other times it’s the rest stop you need to plan the next big move in your life.

It’s time for me to pack my bag & get into the mental space I need to survive my week.

Wish me luck!


Team Jamaica You Made Me Proud

My heart is full of so much joy right now! I just watched the last of the Track & Field events on the penultimate day of the Rio 2016 Olympics & I am so proud of my little Rock.

Our athletes did their best & their performances reminded me that hard work is the key to success.

This post is dedicated to every single Jamaican athlete who showed up & showed out whether they made the podium or not!

I salute you all!

Continue to show the world that we are little but tallawah!


Life Lesson from a Lifetime movie?!

I never thought I could ever learn anything other than to avoid people from a Lifetime movie but I was quite surprised today.

While watching a movie about a romance about to go very wrong, the antagonist (funny enough the con man) said something rather prolific to the protagonist. He highlighted that we are programmed to focus on what we do for a living & not what we are living to do.

It is so sad that we are what we have or where we work but not who we really are. We are socialized to exist leaving room for only a few extraordinary men & women to excel. Our talents if they are not the “right” ones are usually criticized & eventually suppressed enough to demotivate us.

Don’t let anyone force you into a box! Stop being Jane Doe, Secretary or Joe Brown, Doctor…you are more than a career, unearth your passion & your potential.