It’s been awhile…

Hello…Is there anyone out there?

Colbeck Castle

It has been a good minute since I have even ventured here.  I love blogging but I needed a break to deal with life.

Three months ago I resigned my full time job (of 6 years) to take up a part-time job. It may not have been the best financial decision (I make half of what I made before) but it was the best decision for my mental health.

You see something sweet can turn bitter in the blink of an eye especially when humans are involved. The reentry of an old “nemesis” made a once semi-comfortable work environment not so nice anymore and with all the divine input from loved ones and my own communion with God…I decided to go.

Since leaving life has not been amazing (nothing like the YouTube story times at all) but my piece of mind has been restored and that is enough to make it worth it. I can’t contribute financially in my home as much as I did before and at 33 years old its a tad bit frustrating (oh that Independent woman syndrome) but I have accepted that this is my reality until I get a full time job or create my own.

I spend more times indoors these past few months but that is not too bad. I have been able to focus more on my spirituality and that is something I have been wanting to do for years. More time indoors also means that I have to entertain myself at home and that has come thanks to some good old Korean dramas (KDramas), Chinese dramas (CDramas), YouTube and Korean Pop a.k.a Kpop (THANK YOU LORD for BTS, Monsta X, Astro, TXT & IKON).  So my nerd genes have been fully reactivated.

My part-time job as a Secondary School Science Teacher has been an ADVENTURE but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Every day is a new experience & some days I want to quit but then the students do something that lets me realize that it is worth it all.

I have gotten settled in my new life and will return officially in June when I resume my adventures across my island.


Until then… walk good


9 thoughts on “It’s been awhile…

  1. I’m so happy you came out of that situation. Toxicity would never let you grow. The pay maybe less and you’re unable to contribute like you usto but the God we gave up above isn’t sleeping. Your blogging will start paying off and who knows you may even become I full or part time travel blogger. I believe in you and everything is gonna work out and you will start having more than one income I am helping you claim it. Can’t wait for you to be back in June

  2. Girl I know what you mean. I shared recently how I quit my job (prematurely… because I intended to eventually) because it weighed on my mental health. Even though the negatives were not always in my direction, being in the environment still affected me. I too don’t yet match what I was making before financially, but I’m definitely more emotionally stable and believe everything will work out, as it shall with you. All the very best!

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