I Gave Aloe Vera A Second Chance


When I first transitioned, I had not clue what I was doing so I relied heavily on blogs & YouTube videos for advice. I tried EVERY & ANY tutorial advice much to my disappointment. Once such experiment was an Aloe Vera & Water mixture which left my hair drier than chips.

Last Sunday, I felt idle so I decided to Google Aloe Vera and found that it can be used as a conditioner thanks to a Wikihow page.

So I got a knife, headed to my garden & got harvesting :)!


Look at that Aloe Vera


This was just for one side of my hair

The results I got were unbelievable! My hair began to coil the second I added the Aloe Vera gel.


The top half of the hair was after one week of exposure to the elements. The bottom section was coated with the Aloe Vera gel. Look at that curl pattern!

I used a few coats of the Aloe Vera gel on small sections of the hair. I ensured that I saturated the hair shaft completed.


My hair was loving the Aloe Vera gel


A closer look at my hair with the Aloe Vera gel


My current length….isn’t my mirror cute!


One side done! Ignore the Aloe Gel on my face lol

After coating the entire hair, I left the gel on for about 10 – 15 minutes before washing the hair out thoroughly.

I followed up with Shea Moisture’s SuperFruit Complex 10-IN-1 Renewal System Conditioner. My  hair was very soft and manageable.


My hair after rinsing out the conditioner

I finished the routine with the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner and did a two strand twist which I wore for a week.

When I took down the twist my hair was still super soft & light. My hair was literally blowing in the wind!


A week later

I will definitely be using Aloe Vera in my co-wash routine at least once a month.

Here is a mini vlog of my wash day routine:

Until next time


I am Dancing Abroad before I Dance a Yard Thanks to GT Network

The blog title is my own play on a Jamaican proverb I grew up hearing.

Learn fi dance a yaad before yuh dance abraad.
TRANSLATION:Learn to dance at home before you dance abroad.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Try perfecting a skill in private before displaying it in public.

Well being my unruly self (like my hair) I had to dance abroad before I danced at home & I have to thank GT Network based in Trinidad & Tobago for that one dance.



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#ShannyValDiaries: I Love Soca…The Carnival 2017 Edition

I never knew I would ever step foot in another I Love Soca especially after my last experience at a Waterfront edition. It took Skinny Fabulous & Kerwin Dubois being billed for the event to convince me to purchase my ticket.


Being a work night, we didn’t get to Ocean Boulevard until about 10:30 PM; igloo, liquor & cup in hand. I get that our economy isn’t the best & that to have artiste of this calibre on board some serious money had to be spent but $3000 pre-sold to carry my own liquor or buy your own was absolutely crazy. Luckily for me, I got a student discount ticket (thank you UWI/UTECH links).

The DJ line up was amazing & I think all the sets I caught were cool.  I definitely got my Bajan Bashment soca fix.

It was my first time seeing Riggo Sauve & he totally didn’t disappoint. My favourite sets for the night were definitely from him & Lord Hype & Tony Cross. Barrie Hype did an excellent job hosting the event.

The performances were off the chain!

The King of Vincy Skinny Fabulous, Kerwin Dubois, Shal Marshall, Sekon Sta, Peter Ram & the King of Dancehall Beenie Man.

After the performances, I felt like I owed the promoters money.

At the end of the night, I headed to the food court for a Bad Dawg hot dog before heading across the bridge. I must commend them for setting up qa food court which gave patrons ample options for after fete bites.

No matter how hard I try to… I just don’t like the Waterfront as a venue.  Although, it’s by the sea it was hot as hell & the further we went from the main stage the harder it was to hear the music (simple Physics).

For me, the only good thing about the venue set up was the visibility of the stage. You could literally stay at the back & see it.

Overall, it was a good party & the performers were great.

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Until next fete!


#ShannyValDiaries: How Do I Keep Up To Date with Soca Music?

It’s officially soca season in Jamaica & I am super excited!!!!

The main reason why I love Carnival is definitely the music!…I LOVE SOCA MUSIC!

love soca

So by January I usually know all the songs. This year it was easier to get access to all my music thanks to a few apps & some trusted YouTube Accounts.

People always ask me how I keep up to date with my soca & these are my not so secret weapons.

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