Reggae Falls & Bath, St. Thomas

This post is literally 2 years overdue! I was actually checking my Google drive and came across the photos I took on this excursion and decided to FINALLY post about it because the pictures brought back great memories.

Funny story, one of these pictures is what lead to me meeting my spouse so you can imagine the joy that recalling this trip brings.

Since this visit there have been few changes to the operation of the falls.

Reggae Falls is found in the quiet community of Hillside, St. Thomas which is about 30 minutes from the capital Morant Bay.

Reggae Falls had been on my travel wish-list for awhile before my friend Francine invited me to join her and a few friends for a day trip there.

It was an Instagram famous spot on the island and I was more than excited to visit

It took us approximately 2 hours to get to our destination from Half-Way-Tree because we had no idea where we were going. Luckily, the popularity of the spot meant that there were signs we could follow. As with most beautiful spots on the island it was off the beaten path so there were some rough patches along the way. We drove through the community and through a section of the river to get there.

There were no amenities at the time so we ended up changing in the back seat of the vehicle, so I suggest wearing your swimsuit instead of waiting to change.

To get to the main attraction, we had to walk through the same river we drove through for about a minute or two and it was pretty easy.

We went on a day that was not very crowded so we were able to secure a nice chill spot. It is the type of spot where you build a vibe so ensure you visit with people who know how to have fun. The group I went with made the experience enjoyable. There was also a group of guys who were diving and entertaining everyone with their acrobatics.

We spent about 2 hours at Reggae Falls before heading to our next stop, Bath Fountain.

It was another 30 -40 minute drive from Hillside to Bath, at one point we thought we were lost but when we got to the turn persons from the community were there directing patrons to the Bath.

This was my second visit to Bath (I did some work in the area when I was about 19/20) but it was my first time to the World Famous Bath. We decided to experience the best of both worlds.

The Bath Fountain Hotel

We started off at the Bath Fountain Hotel (here) for lunch. I enjoyed the food and the ambiance of the restaurant. The customer service was also good.

We were also given a mini tour of the Baths and one of the rooms at the hotel. The location of the hotel was my favourite because it was tucked away in the hillside.

Bath Mineral Spring

After lunch, we decided to check out the free Bath Mineral Spring which has its entrance before you enter the Bath Fountain Hotel. We crossed a bridge and then headed down to the hill to the natural spring. I was in awe of how hot the water coming from the rock really was.

It was a different vibe from the hotel of course because these were just locals from the area offering guided tours and some massages. We opted to go on our own but some how a gentleman who was very knowledgeable of the area ended up as an unofficial guide.

The trek to the natural spring was good but I honestly did not enjoy this part of the day’s adventure because I did not feel safe the entire experience and when I get into my head there is no convincing me of otherwise. This is not a personal attack on the individuals who make their living in the area but I honestly did not feel safe prior to heading to the trail so I left my phone (which I use to take pictures) and my GoPro in the car, hence, why no footage from that part of the trip.

As we were driving into the hotel it was literally 100 men to my party of females only!

I had an experience (not while travelling) that showed me how vulnerable it can be to be a woman in this patriarchal world so I don’t take certain chances anymore.

Overall, it was a good trip to St. Thomas. I plan to visit both spots again with at least ONE male in the mix.

I especially want to revisit the Bath Fountain Hotel with my partner because I feel it would be a nice simple get away for us both.

If you have visited any of these spots please share your experiences with me.

Until next trek…Walk Good


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