Weekend At Lashings

It literally took me forever to write this post for more reasons than one but I got inspired to share my experience today.

As a matter of fact, when I began writing this post (February 16) my blog was celebrating it’s 10th anniversary and it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate it but life got the better of me.

When my good friend told me that she wanted an intimate celebration at a villa or hotel (because of the current situation) I was on board. Once she confirmed it was Lashing’s Boutique I was definitely booked!

Earlier in the year, at another friend’s birthday gathering, Lashings was the subject of choice because my friend who accompanied me to the event had mentioned it previously so when Treasure Beach came up in a conversation he immediately inquired about it. Since that night, it moved to the top of my travel wish list.

The journey…

If I have never said it before on my blog, I will declare today that St. Elizabeth is my favourite parish on the island because it holds so many good memories for me. Despite all my trips to St. Bess, this was the first time I visited Treasure Beach. I had worked at Pedro before but on those trips I did not get the chance to visit Treasure Beach.

We left Kingston about midday and the drive down via High Way 2000 was pretty good. We made one stop at the Corn Soup man on Spur Tree Hill (a first for me even though I have been on MANY excursions that side and lived in Manchester for 4 years). It was a nice little break from the driving and the soup was really good.

We took the South St. Elizabeth route to Treasure Beach, For me, the route was nostalgic.

South St. Elizabeth was an old stomping ground for me so it was great to see the changes. I suggest a drive-out there at least once in your lifetime.

We relied on Google Maps to direct us and it served us pretty well.

The Check -In & Property Tour

Our party did not travel as a group so when we got to Lashings we had a bit of a wait. The staff was kind enough to give us a tour of the property until the main organizer of the weekend arrived.

To say I was impressed was a massive understatement!

The property was very colourful and the decor had many quirky items that just made the whole property feel unique.

From witty signage, to Buddha’s head, to the stone work of the main pool, every corner of the proeprty provided visual excitement for the eyes.

There is also a gallery with some amazing art on display.

The property tour was appreciated because we got to see the every room at the hotel.

I think my favourite part of the property was the hall of fame at the grill. It is such a unique tour.

The check-in was easy. The customer service representative took a copy of our IDs and gave us our room keys. We also received another tour of our villa.

The Villa

My party was able to rent the entire villa. I did not plan the trip so I suggest visiting the Lashing’s website (here) or calling them to inquire the cost of the villa or a single room.

The Villa consisted of about 6 or 7 rooms and a central kitchen area on the ground floor, picnic area and a private pool area. I loved that it had a door area that could be closed to restrict access.

I shared a room with my friend Viv. Our room was located on the second floor so we got some AMAZING views.

The room had an open floor concept with the bed placed at the centre, a desk/vanity area was in one corner and the open closet to the next. The bathroom was separated by doors made from pallets and decorated with some lovely art work.

The bathroom also had an open floor plan with the shower having no enclosure which reminded me of the wet bathrooms I see in Korean dramas.

The room I stayed in was definitely better suited for persons who have a close or intimate relationship because there was not much privacy.

The decor in the room added a certain charm and gave the space personality.

The positioning of the bed also allowed for some beautiful morning views when the doors were open.

The Weekend was a vibe

The weekend was definitely relaxing.

Night 1, we had dinner at the restaurant to celebrate my friend and her sisters who are all November borns. The area reserved was decorated and allowed for our party to be separate from the rest of the diners.

The ambiance was nice but seeing the menu was a slight challenge but that did not deter the evening.

I definitely enjoyed my pasta but my drink needed a little more alcohol seeing that I am not such a light weight when it comes to drinking.

After dinner, we hung out at the villa pool until bed time.

Day 2, we had a brunch by the villa pool before my friends and I headed out to find Jakes and explore Treasure Beach a bit. When we returned to Lashing’s we headed to the Lashing’s Grill to enjoy some live music and Saturday soup.

Day 3, our final day, Viv and I had breakfast by the restaurant.

The coconut pancakes were so delicious I kept thinking about it for days after my return home.

I really enjoyed my time at Lashing’s. I especially loved the staff at the grill who were exceptional in their delivery of customer service.

My favourite part of the weekend though, were the views and sunsets. I am sorry I missed the sunrises.

I definitely left a piece of my heart in Treasure Beach


  1. The hotel is not all-inclusive but it has a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a pizza grill. I spent a total of $10,000 for all my meals for the 3 days but prices will vary depending on your palate.
  2. The road to the hotel was a bit challenging, so drivers of lower vehicles may have a challenge if it has not been paved.
  3. The hotel is in the midst of residential area so it has a homely feel.
  4. Treasure Beach is a community tourism area so feel free to support other restaurants.
  5. The views are to die for so prepare to be mesmerized.
  6. The drive to Lashing’s offers many fun road trip fun stops so enjoy the journey!

Until Next Trek

Walk Good


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