Cane River Falls Sunday Par #DryLandTouristChronicles

It’s summer time and I decided to take my post back to where it all started… travel experiences around the island. The first adventure takes us to a beautiful off the beaten path gem called Cane River Falls.

Cane River Falls

I visited Cane River Falls earlier but the change in my schedule did not allow me to make the post when I visited. However, I think all things happen for a reason because now that it is summer, this may be a good excursion to take with friends or family members.

Located in the hills of 9 Miles, Bull Bay, St. Andrew sits a unique almost untouched Jamaican gem. After seeing numerous photos and Social media posts from friends visits to this off the beaten path attraction I knew I had to visit.

So on a Sunday morning, myself & 2 friends headed to discover this beauty for ourselves.

Getting there

Based on the journey and the area I would advise anyone visiting the falls to drive, charter a taxi, rent a car or use a tour company like the Taylor Trio Tours, Down Di Road Tours or Being Jamaican. The area is truly off the beaten path & I don’t recall seeing one route taxi on the journey up the hill.

The drive up the hill was pretty easy for the majority of the journey and the scenery was beautiful!

The Venue
The falls was easily identified because there was a lot of signage along the road way and at there was a noticeable sign at the falls entrance.

The admission cost was $200 for adults and $100 for children. I am not sure if that was a Jamaican nationals price or a general price because I didn’t see any signs indicating otherwise.

The venue entrance was well kept and clean and there was a bathroom facility. I opted to wear my bathing suit before hand.

To get to the falls itself we had to go down a flight of stairs carved out of the rocks in this area. The journey down wasn’t so bad and the rocks actually had various murals.

The Falls
The walk down those stairs was well worth it! The Cane River Falls itself is small but breathtaking. I had to stop and appreciate the sheer beauty of it.

The water was cold at first but after a few minutes when my body got acclimatized, the water was rather refreshing. I was able to stand in the pool. I was also able to walk from one end of the pool to the waterfall. The bottom of the pool seemed leveled across the pool based on observations so the area is swimmer and non-swimmer friendly.

My Experience

Initially, my friends and I were the only ones at the falls so we were a tad bit on uneasy but then we were joined by a family of five and later some community members.

Even though you pay at the gate there is a clear signage stating that drivers park at their own risk.

I personally don’t suggest female travelers to visit this area without a male companion. When we were leaving the car to head down to the falls a gentleman on the property inquired if “3 females were venturing to the falls alone.” That statement left me VERY uneasy so it made it hard to truly relax and enjoy the falls.

Despite that hiccup I still recommend a visit to the Cane River Falls to anyone who enjoys “off the beaten track” adventures BUT BE VERY AWARE OF YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY.

The “park” is not as advanced as a Dunn’s River Falls or Konoko Falls so the amenities that you would find there are not available at this spot such as lockers and a shop but it has potential.

After spending a few hours at the falls, we decided to finish the day off at a beach. We decided on Little Copa Beach Club also in Bull Bay, St. Andrew. This area though I would not advice weak swimmers or non-swimmers to attempt to maneuver as the waves proved a bit rough. None the less, it was a nice end to a fun off the beaten path excursion.

I definitely recommend this spot if you just want to chill with friends or your spouse.

As with most excursion, I made a little vlog of the trip to Cane River Falls:

Thanks for reading this post & I will see you in the next one.

Until next trek…


#DryLandTouristChronicles: Travelling the Caribbean on a Budget

Ever scroll through Instagram and see some breath-taking shots of The Pitons in St. Lucia or Store Bay in Tobago & thought when am I going to be able to experience that?


Well here are five ways to help you travel the Caribbean on a budget!

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#DryLandTouristChronicles: Duppy Church & Colbeck Castle

The past is our definition. We may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it. -Wendell Berry

Jamaica has so many hidden gems in plain sight. Some of the most mundane looking buildings have some of the most fascinating stories to tell. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore two hidden gems in plain sight, the infamous Duppy Church in Mile Gully, Manchester & Colbeck Castle outside Old Harbour, St. Catherine.

IMG_0268 copy

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#DryLandTouristChronicles: Sunday Chill at Hope Botanical Gardens, St. Andrew

I grew up hearing people say the best things in life are free or close to free…LOL… & the older I have become is the more I believe this to be true. Visiting the Hope Botanical Gardens also known as the Royal Botanical Gardens is something I have been doing for years and as one of Jamaica’s oldest attractions I am happy to see the maintenance of this gem which is actually a Jamaica National Heritage Trust site. The Garden is currently ran by the Nature Preservation Foundation.

A Little History Lesson…

The Royal Botanical Gardens, commonly called “Hope Gardens”, occupies 200 acres of land in the Ligunaea Plains of urban St Andrew. The gardens were established in 1873 on a section of land from the estate of Major Richard Hope, one of the original English colonisers who arrived with the invading force of Penn and Venables. Today the gardens are the largest public green space in the Kingston metropolitan region, and are home to Jamaica’s most popular collection of endemic and exotic botanical collections. Of particular interest is the Cassia siamea grove by the main entrance, which was planted in 1907, and the other mini-gardens within the park – notably the cacti garden, with its rare varietals; the bougainvillea walk with its magnificent explosions of tropical colours; the annual gardens, with numerous species of exotic flowers; the sunken gardens and the lily pond.


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Falling for YS

I am the go-to girl for information on excursions for a few of my friends; so when my BFF Alicia called me for some suggestions of spots to go for her birthday I was super elated! Her original choices were Dolphin Cove, Mystic Mountain or Yaaman Adventure Park, however, based on the date we wanted to go none of them would have been feasible. So of course my adventure radar zoomed in on my fave parish other than PortlandSt. Elizabeth. The first option was definitely YS Falls.


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I want a Rolly Polly [Ice Cream]

Rolled Ice cream! *Mind Blown*

I first discovered Rolly Polly Ice Cream Shop when my friend Nicole visited last year & sent me a video clip of the process. From that day I had been hell bent on visiting!

Unfortunately, I had to wait awhile to get there…only because the shop is located in Ocho Rios. When I finally got there I was elated!

Photo Courtesy of Rolly Polly’s Facebook Page

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Dolphin Kisses

Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios has been on my Travel list (I need to post it one day) for awhile now so I jumped at the opportunity to visit when my friend Fran suggested it. I was apprehensive about the price because it is a very “touristy” activity & those are usually pretty expensive but when Fran told me that we would be getting the experience for $6300 JMD I was like SIGN ME UP!


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Rainy Day Adventures: Happy Hour at Margaritaville Ocho Rios

We left Kingston mid-morning with the intention to frolic at Mystic Mountain, however, the weather in Ocho Rios had other plans. We left Kingston rather cloudy which isn’t much of a warning sign because usually when we have clouds on the South it is rather sunny in the North or West.

We took the North Coast Highway right into what felt like a hurricane! However, we still made our way to Mystic. Unfortunately we were a little late because we got there when they had admitted the last patrons for the day :(. This left us with a major decision…What do we do is this weather?!

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