Rainy Day Adventures: Happy Hour at Margaritaville Ocho Rios

We left Kingston mid-morning with the intention to frolic at Mystic Mountain, however, the weather in Ocho Rios had other plans. We left Kingston rather cloudy which isn’t much of a warning sign because usually when we have clouds on the South it is rather sunny in the North or West.

We took the North Coast Highway right into what felt like a hurricane! However, we still made our way to Mystic. Unfortunately we were a little late because we got there when they had admitted the last patrons for the day :(. This left us with a major decision…What do we do is this weather?!

Our first option was Ocean 11, which is a personal favourite spot of mine, however, when we got there the bar was closed but the upstairs dining area was open. We almost stayed there but the prices were the same as Margaritaville which had a little more of the vibe we were looking for in the weather.

I have been clubbing at Margaritaville Ocho Rios too many times to count but I had never had the day time dining experience there. I tried to dine there 2 years ago, however, it did not work out because our server literally forgot about our table so we left. Usually, I wouldn’t return to a spot after getting poor service but I decided what the heck!

Customer service was great from the hostess to the bartender. The seating was limited because of the weather so we had to sit at the bar which I did not mind. We were close to the DJ booth which is where most of the exciting activities were taking place. Once they found out it was my friend’s birthday, the action got turned up a notch! She was one of four birthday girls (including one of the staff members) and they staff ensured that she had a good time.


We got our orders in no time!

I ordered the Blackened Mini Shrimp Tacos (succulent shrimp coated with our blackened seasoning and chipotle-lime-cilantro aioli. Served in four mini flour tortillas with flavorful pico de gallo, sour cream, and cotillo cheese) which was $13.45 USD & a Hard Lemonade (I don’t think that is the name & I ordered it for the boozy blender :p) and they were both delicious. I spent approximately $4500 JMD for both.




Rainy days are usually ‘best’ indoors but not when it is a special occasion or on vacation. A few years I went on a vacation that the rain decided to ‘ruin.’ I honestly wish I had the opportunity to go to a spot like Margaritaville & be guaranteed a great time because being stuck on your hotel property isn’t so nice when you are experiencing somewhere new.

If you are ever in Ocho Rios on a rainy day swing by Margaritaville for a little fun in the wet weather.

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