Travelling the Caribbean on a Budget

Ever scroll through Instagram and see some breath-taking shots of The Pitons in St. Lucia or Store Bay in Tobago & thought when am I going to be able to experience that?


Well here are five ways to help you travel the Caribbean on a budget!

  1. Conferences

Whether through church, work or a service club, conferences are a great way to travel the Caribbean on a budget! Accommodation especially is usually the most expensive part of the travel budget (next to airfare) & usually during conferences organizers are given discounted group rates which allow you to have an all-inclusive/near all-inclusive experience on a tight budget. As an added bonus, conference packages usually include some leisure time for excursions or shopping expeditions.


  1. Visit family members/School Friends

They always say that Jamaicans can be found in every country in the world! If you do a little research you may just find that you have a distant aunt or cousin in another Caribbean Island who you can spend some time with. From experience, I can say that this option saves you a lot on accommodation, food & excursions.


  1. Air B & B

So if there are no conferences, relatives or friends another budget friendly travel option is Air B n B. On a trip to Trinidad & St. Vincent, my best friend saved half the cost of her trip by opting to use Air B n B rather than a conventional hotel.


  1. Travel during the off season

Everything is way more budget friendly during the off season even in the Caribbean. Check the tourism authority website of the island you are planning to get an idea of the off season.

  1. Connecting Flights

Taking a connecting flight can allow you some time to travel other Caribbean Islands on a budget. For example, most of the Caribbean Airline layovers in Trinidad are sometimes almost 24 hours which gives you ample time to enjoy the offerings of Port of Spain.

Source: Wikipedia

Bonus tip

  1. Airline Miles

If you have a Credit Card, why not apply for one that rewards you with airline miles? This will save you a ton of money on Air Fare.

I hope you found these tips helpful and I look forward to seeing those travel pics.

Until next trek


One thought on “Travelling the Caribbean on a Budget

  1. Never thought of some of these, thank you! My regular local travels started from the desire to travel within budget…and of course, that is the most budget-friendly option. Caribbean travel is one step more and closer to seeing the rest of the world from here! 😉

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