Falling for YS

I am the go-to girl for information on excursions for a few of my friends; so when my BFF Alicia called me for some suggestions of spots to go for her birthday I was super elated! Her original choices were Dolphin Cove, Mystic Mountain or Yaaman Adventure Park, however, based on the date we wanted to go none of them would have been feasible. So of course my adventure radar zoomed in on my fave parish other than PortlandSt. Elizabeth. The first option was definitely YS Falls.


On a beautiful Saturday morning, we packed up the car & headed to Davie, St. Elizabeth. We got to YS Falls around 12 noon, after 2 stops in Newgreen, Manchester & Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth. Parking was offered in a shaded area next to the attractions entrance. There were quite a few tour buses and private vehicles parked there when we arrived. Once we parked we were directed to the front office to pay our admission fee of $1200 JMD. We were then directed to the waiting area for the jitney to the falls.


This was my first ever jitney ride & I was so excited. You all may be able to tell by now that the smallest things get me excited lol.


The jitney ride was surreal. The landscape looked like a mobile work of art.


My first of two cons of the day happened at the end of the jitney ride. When we disembarked the jitney there was not one person there to greet us or instruct us  on where to go or a map of some sorts with directives which was a bummer but we figured it out.

The Falls

The first part of the property we decided to explore was the falls itself.  The falls are not as large as a few other falls I have visited so it made access quite easy. There was a designated stairway to access different areas. The first “pool” area we stopped at had a rope that persons were swinging from as well as a jump area for the more capable swimmers.

The water was so cold! I don’t know if it was just that particular day or if it is always that cold but I was shivering!

Our first “stop”

After we left that area, we continued up stream & uphill to the last platform. The stairs to that platform was really steep so it almost knocked the wind out of me. The stairs led to the zip line platform. We hung out there awhile & watched a few brave souls take on the challenge.

The unique thing about the zip line at YS Falls is that it takes patrons above the waterfalls itself. It was so cool to watch the patrons zip across us as we enjoyed the water. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture a picture of the action but I got it on the vlog. So you can check that out below.

Quick Pic with Kavaughn at the top platform
This pic was unplanned & turned out so cool
Swimsuit: Beach Bottom Girls (IG) | Kimono : Tru Diva Expressions

Our exploration continued to another “pool” area which was closed at the time. This area we were advised by signage was for the strong swimmers & adults. I really like the area because it was an excellent back drop for pictures.

In my element
3/4 of the crew

After our impromptu photo session, we headed back to the start of the trail to chill a little in the first “pool”. The water was so nice and access to the falls was not too bad.

Trying to get my Zen vibe on while Alicia channels her inner model LOL
YS Falls is a beauty
Can this please be my everyday life??  !!!!
Caught in my element

My second con of the day was the general lack of assistance offered by the staff on the falls. I don’t know if it was because they realized we were locals why no one offered to assist us or if we had to engage their services at the front desk or gift shop. At other falls I have visited we had to refuse assistance which I prefer rather than being a lost sheep.

If you have been to YS Falls & had no issue like this please share with me where my friends & I may have gone wrong.

The Pool

My favourite part of the property was definitely the pools! They reminded me so much of a place I visited in St. Martin called the Loterie Farm; so being there brought back some beautiful memories.


The first pool we decided to enjoy was 4 FT deep and super cold!

The water seemed to be sourced from the river itself and the pool floor was covered with gravel so it gave you a river vibe in a pool! How cool is that?!

I discovered that my phone had a self timer this day
MLGR3958 copy
Can I seriously live here??!!!!


Got to update the vlog!
OOIJ5395 copy
The moment you realize you live in Paradise…
ON my fly girl medz

We spent a good few hours lounging away in and out of the pool before we decided to check out the second pool area.

At first, we thought the other pool area was a kiddies pool because of the amount of children we saw there when we had arrived earlier.

It turns out we were DEAD wrong & these were the deeper pools; these were also the chlorinated pool & it was much warmer than the other pool.

I just love island life

This pool also features a 4 FT pool , a deeper infinity pool & a 6 FT swimming pool. This was the perfect spot to unwind.

A Few Fun facts

My favourite thing about the property was not the falls or the pool…it is the fact that YS Falls is making an effort to be environmentally conscious.

Their bathrooms are equipped with composting toilets and visitors are not allowed to take Styrofoam containers on the property.

I also saw solar panels; I wish I had inquired a little more about what other alternative energy for conservation tricks the property utilized.

Visitors are allowed to take their own food to the property as well as they have a restaurant.

There were also pool noodles on sale for $1000 JMD from a little shop on the property.

They have 2 gift shops , one at the entrance & the other on at the park itself.

The zip line is operated by Chukka Caribbean. When I inquired the cost I was advised it was $2,400 JMD. I would advise you to call YS Falls to confirm as prices may be subject to change.

The property closes at 5 PM, however, if you are nice the staff will give you a little extra time. However, the last jitney left about 5:45 PM.

Dinner at Las Vegas Cafe

We ended the day at the beautiful seaside restaurant Las Vegas Cafe on Crane Road in Black River. I found out about this spot through one of my favourite Jamaican vloggers SOAI Vlogs (Search for him on YouTube you won’t regret it!).


Once we selected a table, we were assisted within 5 minutes of sitting down. Our server was very attentive and adequately explained the menu.  I decided to get the steam fish with crackers. We were allowed to select our fish and then  we waited for it to be prepared.

While waiting we decided to snap a few pictures and enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

OTGR2343 copy
WJAI0281 copy

During our wait we also welcomed some unwanted guest… I didn’t know my city’s national bird the mosquito would travel so far south  LOL.  Luckily for us, the staff was awesome because they got some mosquito destroyers which alleviated the issue.

EKFK2170 copy

The food was very delicious and affordable. My bills was only $2500 (Fish & Crackers &  a Sex on the Beach).

Overall, it was a great day & I definitely recommend a visit to both spots.

For even more of the fun check out the vlog:

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next trek


5 thoughts on “Falling for YS

  1. Lawd why must some places treat yaadies like that? It irks me so much! Haven’t been to YS Falls before so I wouldn’t know if it’s the norm though. Anyway, I enjoyed the photos very much. Can’t wait to visit, hopefully sooner than later. 🙂

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