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Hello There!

My name is Shanny & I am a 30 something year old living on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Welcome to Shannydelioness.com, my little piece of the internet where I share my lifestyle, travel, experiences & general thoughts on life. I am trying my best to actually LIVE my life & live it with no regrets.

  • Dry Land Tourist Chronicles is where I share my travel experiences.
  • Shanny-Val Diaries is where I share my Carnival  related experiences & aspirations.
  • Rude Gyal Swag is where my love for Fashion & Style take centre stage.
  • Reasonings is where I share my general thoughts & life lessons.

I would love for you to experience the world through my Jamaican eyes.

Why Shannydelioness?

The name Shannydelioness was an amalgamation of my nickname (Shanny) and my birth sign (Leo), however, it grew beyond the musings of a 24 year old girl and acquired a whole new meaning. The name is now a representation of me, Shana. I am a strong natural born leader who knows when to follow.


Get In Touch

Send me an email at shannydelionessblog@gmail.com.

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