Dolphin Kisses

Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios has been on my Travel list (I need to post it one day) for awhile now so I jumped at the opportunity to visit when my friend Fran suggested it. I was apprehensive about the price because it is a very “touristy” activity & those are usually pretty expensive but when Fran told me that we would be getting the experience for $6300 JMD I was like SIGN ME UP!


December 30 was the day & we left Kingston around 8:30 AM & headed to Ochi via the North Coast Highway. Despite the cost of the toll I have to say how grateful I am for that stretch of road! It has made the journey to Ocho Rios so much quicker & safer (in my opinion)! We got to Dolphin Cove by some minutes to 10.

When we got there we were utterly shocked that the only parking was on the side of the road! 😮 That was a bit of a damper but we resolved to enjoy the day despite the inconvenience.

Registration was extremely easy and the customer service representative was very pleasant. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I paid $6300 JMD which included the Dolphin Encounter, Snorkeling with the Stingrays, Jungle Trail walk, Jamaican Shark show, kayaking, water slide & beach access.

The Property

The property was breathtaking! Perched beneath the road way, it was as if you had left Ocho Rios all together & was transported to paradise on earth.



The main activity centre was dubbed “Port Royal.” This is where the gift shop, restaurant, photo shop, restrooms & bars are found.

I have to commend the staff of Dolphin Cove. The customer service was on point & there was always someone present to direct you or offer assistance when needed.

Dolphin Encounter 

According to the Dolphin Cove Website  during the Dolphin Encounter :

They will give you a kiss and allow you to caress them while standing in knee deep water. This adventure is best for those who are not comfortable swimming in the sea and the very young.

The Dolphin Encounter was a fun experience, however, the water was definitely NOT knee deep!

We were ushered to a platform which for me at 5’7″ had me standing waist deep; I don’t swim (I know I know the irony!) so life jacket or not if you promise me knee deep water give me knee deep water. Nonetheless, that  wasn’t even a big issue.

Our Dolphin was named Coco & she was the cutest ever! Her trainer had her perform a few tricks before we got our individual time with her.  We were able to kiss her, touch her fins and ‘hold’ her. After everyone in my group got their individual experiences, she did a few more tricks and jumps. The whole experience was roughly 30 – 45 minutes.

Look at her smile


Hey Coco!
She was so cute!
Coco Kisses

I was a bit bummed because I wasn’t able to take my Go Pro  along to record the experience…Company Rules.

Sue, Fran & I

During the Encounter, Dolphin Cove staff photographers were taking pictures which you are able to view when you get back to the photo lab. The pictures started at $25 USD (per photo) & there were some other bundle deals. The bundle deal that would accommodate my party was about $179 USD. It was when we “asked for the local price” that we were informed that locals, once you can provide a valid ID (National Voters ID or Driver’s License), can get all pictures for  $35 USD.

After  we sorted out our pictures we headed to the snorkeling area to snorkel with the Sting Rays. It was my first time snorkeling & it was quite enjoyable. It was much easier than I always thought it was so that is something I definitely want to do again.

We spent about 15 to 20 minutes before heading to the Jungle Walk trail. On the trail we were able to pet Rabbits (another first), feed Love Birds in the Aviary, pet Guinea Pigs, Iguanas & Macaws. It was during my Macaw encounter that I was kissed by one. Let’s just say I am very glad my mouth was closed LOL.

Trust me I wasn’t scared
Aviary fun
I think I want Lovebirds at home
My Macaw baby

After the Jungle Walk we headed to the beach for a little relaxation before heading to the water slide for some fun. IT WAS AMAZING!

Beach side flexin

I only went once though because my neck was killing me after the first go.

I had so much fun at Dolphin Cove!

There are so many activities that you can do there along with interacting with the dolphins.

Once you have great company you will definitely have an amazing day.

I think I will definitely visit again.

Experience my Dolphin Cove visit by checking out the Vlog:

Thank you for a great day Dolphin Cove

Thanks for stopping by…walk good


One thought on “Dolphin Kisses

  1. I went to Dophin Cove in 2009, from your pictures it has changed a lot but it one of the best experiences ever. I’m actually quite afraid of animals but the dolphin experience was amazing and being in the sea with the sting ray.

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