Drinks at Strawberry Hill Hotel, St. Andrew

I have always wanted to visit Strawberry Hill Hotel but I never seemed to ever get the chance. While my cousin was visiting I decided to take a chance and call Strawberry Hill to inquire the possibility of visiting the property for purposes other than brunch or dinner or a staycation. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that the possibility to visit was more than possible!

The customer service representative I spoke to informed me that there was a day pass option available for locals for $2500 JMD. Once that amount was paid, we would have access to the property, except rooms naturally. With this day pass also If we patronized the bar or restaurant that amount would be put towards the final bill and only the difference paid.

Getting There
We ventured to Irish Town by public transportation. We waited in Papine, near the Texaco Gas Station, for an Irish Town/Red Light District bus. It took us a while to catch a bus but once we got one it was smooth sailing. The cost of the bus ride was $120 JMD per person.

The bus let us off at the entrance to Strawberry Hill and we walked up the hill with one of the staff members who was also on the bus.

It was a bit of a walk…

When we got to the gate, we explained our purpose to the security guard and was directed up to the main office. I must commend the customer service representatives. they were very polite & helpful. I guess we got there super early because the $2500 was waived and we were allowed to explore the property.

A detailed history of the property can be found at their website https://www.strawberryhillhotel.com/about/history/

The Property

From the entrance to the property only one word came to mind… breathtaking!!!

There were numerous picturesque spots in every corner of the property.

I felt like I walked into a whole other world. The design concept of the property was very chic and charming all in one go.

The location of the property provided an amazing view of Kingston, St. Andrew, Port Royal and parts St. Catherine.

The property consist of cottages, a spa, restaurant, bar and infinity pool.

My favourite part of the property was the board room/display area below the bar. The entire room is dedicated to showcasing the accomplishments of Chris Blackwell and his label Island Records. During my visit, I discovered the tremendous influence that Mr. Blackwell has had on so many popular songs and albums.

My second favourite spot was the garden area over looking the Red Light District. For me, It was like a painting brought to life. Such serenity just mere minutes from the hustle and bustle of city life mere Kilometres away.

We spent about 2 hours on the property walking around, taking pictures and grabbing a drink at the bar before we decided to leave.

Cafe Blue

We closed of the day after Cafe Blue. It was a short stroll from Strawberry Hill, unfortunately my camera battery died so I was not able to film the walk.

We grabbed some fruit coolers and cheesecake which we paid less that $3000 JMD.

It took us a little while to get a table because it was buzzing with patrons but the wait wasn’t too bad thanks to the location and the hospitality of the staff.

Getting back to Papine was easy and we actually ended up taking the same bus we top from Papine. Big up to the bus driver Wynter who actually spotted us while we were walking to the town square.

This was one of my favourite excursions I have embarked on. The bus drive up was good and it allowed me to see a side of Jamaica that I don’t get to see often in the city.

It seems that every journey I have been on across my island home has given me a different idea of who she is.

I made a little vlog on the day so you can watch it here:

Until next trek

2 thoughts on “Drinks at Strawberry Hill Hotel, St. Andrew

  1. So picturesque! The day pass wasn’t that much last time I inquired but it’s nice to know it can go towards the bar 😀 I’ve only visited once to cover an event. Must be lovely when not filled with patrons wandering around the entire property.

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