Love after 30?

If you have internet access or live in the Commonwealth & didn’t know that a Royal Wedding took place on Saturday, May 19…I want to know your secret!

The world was a buzz over the nuptials of Prince Harry and American Actress Meghan Markle (now officially the Duke & Duchess of Sussex). Some celebrated the fact that Meghan is a mixed woman, some celebrated the fact that she was American, and some celebrated her activism  & humanitarian work and the impact all these attributes will have on her new role as a Royal.

As for me, I celebrated that this beautiful successful woman was walking down the aisle at 36 years old! Yes…I…went…there!

Ever since I crossed the 30 threshold single, the world of dating has seemed scarier than at 29! You see, 30 caught me trying to rekindle a fire with someone that was long extinguished; as a matter of fact he was busy lighting a bonfire with someone who eventually got the R-I-N-G. In retrospect, there was no love lost there because it would not have been a happy union.

I haven’t had much luck dating because most 30- something men I have met are either engaged, seriously committed, married or a “gyallis”. I get approached by a lot of older (over 60) or younger (20’s) men but neither is what I am hoping to settle with. My desire is a partner who is committed to not only me but also to God. I have been through the lust filled relationships which wasted my time and energy. I found out in my 30’s just how easy it is for a man to have sex with MANY women with just a partial liking for some physical attribute…no substance.

In my 20’s I was busy “falling in love” and not examining what I wanted or didn’t want from a relationship. I always thought I was “wife material” when I was just playing the role of wifey.


Thank Heaven for wisdom.


I am 2 years shy of my 35th birthday… unmarried… and childless with no prospects at all. To make matters worst a recent bad “dating” experience and the disappointment of meeting too many unavailable men had led me to accept that I need to hang up the towel and learn to love life as a travelling spinster.

That was until Ms. Markle’s impending nuptials became the headline story all over the world.

The newly minted Duchess of Sussex’s marriage is significant to me because she reminded me that there is hope for love after 30. Even though her first marriage did not work out, she did not use it as a deterrent to finding love again. I rarely admit it but I believe my failed relationships made me fear dating and finding love. Sadly, I doubt the genuineness of any man who makes advances at me; My mind always wanders to  the inevitable end and that prompts me to perform my infamous “ghosting” act.

*Reels in wandering mind*

Lately, my age has been a constant topic of discussion with the members of the male species I have dated; so you can imagine how good I felt seeing a beautiful and strong woman of MY age making such a bold step. I immediately…

*Retrieved Towel & Dusted Off My Stilettoes*

The Duchess has renewed my hope and reminded me that regardless of what the world purports… it is more than possible to find love & a life partner after 30.


With love…





2 thoughts on “Love after 30?

  1. Loving this post don’t give up your Mr right is out there girl one day you will be posting your wedding photos. I know you will be able to look back on this post one day and say lord thank you.

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