No Sir…I love me WAY more than I love you.

I was sitting innocently at my desk listening to a song I have listened to many times but for some reason today I actually listened to it.

The song is very melodic & captivating so I attribute that to me not really noticing what the hell she was singing about. In the song, her man is obviously in love with someone else even though he is in a relationship with her. What is her solution to this little situation?…drink herself numb.

I was like hold up hun…you ago do wah?

This man is out right giving you bun (as we Jamaicans term cheating) & instead of putting on your big girl panties & leaving, your choice is to drink yourself into a stupor. Maybe it’s because I have been single so long but this is how we women handle men nowadays?

We ignore blatant acts of disrespect from a spouse in the name of love & end up  hurting ourselves. If that is the kind of sacrifice a relationship requires I think I’ll be playing for team single for a while.

Ladies, as cliche as it sounds, we need to love ourselves before we seek to love another. If you find yourself “self destructing” it is time to leave your relationship.

Don’t take shit from no man for the sake of gifts, money, status or just to simply have someone.



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