I am Dancing Abroad before I Dance a Yard Thanks to GT Network

The blog title is my own play on a Jamaican proverb I grew up hearing.

Learn fi dance a yaad before yuh dance abraad.
TRANSLATION:Learn to dance at home before you dance abroad.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Try perfecting a skill in private before displaying it in public.

Well being my unruly self (like my hair) I had to dance abroad before I danced at home & I have to thank GT Network based in Trinidad & Tobago for that one dance.



I have mentioned in previous blog posts that I have a YouTube channel where I post mostly my various excursions across Jamaica & the Caribbean.

GT Network decided to take a chance on the kid & add my YouTube vlogs to their line up.


GT Network is a station that currently serves as a unifying platform that promotes West Indian culture, music & lifestyle. (GT Network’s IG profile).

Presently, GT Network’s programs are aired on television in Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Barbados, Turks & Caicos, St. Vincent & the Grenadines & Curacao.


Little old me is actually able to share my love for my island & the Caribbean with others. It is a humbling experience & I will be forever grateful to GT Network for the opportunity.


I also currently share air time with some amazing Caribbean Vloggers.

  • Vashell from St. Vincent & the Grenadine with her vlog Life in Vincy. Check out her YouTube channel here.

FUN FACT: It is actually through watching Vashell’s vlogs that I discovered GT Network.

  • Simply Jah-nette from Gaudeloupe with her lifestyle & amazing hair tutorial &  lookbook videos.  Check out her YouTube channel here.
  • Shinez Story from Trinidad with his lifestyle & music vlogs. He showcases life in Trinidad that you may not normally get to see online & he is one of the  most positive persons I have ever seen. Check out his YouTube channel here
  • Shakeira C  from St. Vincent & the Grenadine also vlogs her life in Vincy. Check out her YouTube channel here.
  • Prince Arkim from St. Lucia with his lifestyle vlogs. Can you say lit? Check out his YouTube channel here

The network also has some other amazing Trinidadian shows such as Selfmade SoulsSoca Sweat, Spotlight, KnockAbout with Darrel & Small Lime.

You can check myself & these other Caribbean vloggers I mentioned on GT Network on Saturday mornings from 9 AM – 12 Noon (T&T Time) on their website here or Facebook page here.


Thanks for stopping by

Peace & Love





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