The Day Before…

Sunday is my least favourite day of the week. It’s the day before my mundane routine begins for another five days.

I know I know… *insert all versions of positivity* I have the power to make my day or week spectacular.

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Team Jamaica You Made Me Proud

My heart is full of so much joy right now! I just watched the last of the Track & Field events on the penultimate day of the Rio 2016 Olympics & I am so proud of my little Rock.

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Life Lesson from a Lifetime movie?!

I never thought I could ever learn anything other than to avoid people from a Lifetime movie but I was quite surprised today.

While watching a movie about a romance about to go very wrong, the antagonist (funny enough the con man) said something rather prolific to the protagonist. He highlighted that we are programmed to focus on what we do for a living & not what we are living to do.

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Hold on to the light…

It’s been a long day for me. What started as a fairly easy day turned into a faith testing mess but I am glad I survived!

My birthday is 2 days away & I legitimately have no idea what I really want to do. My 2016 has been awesome so far & I have done things I never expected to but since July, my life has veered off course a bit & it has been a real struggle.

Nonetheless, I’m keeping my head high, my hair big & heading onto my new sometimes rugged path with a smile. The path is dark more than light but I keep focusing on the little rays of light. Trusting that they will lead me to my victory…





Mental Health needs to be a serious issue in Jamaica

Today is one of my sad days.

It is a day when I feel like curling up in a ball & just shutting out the world.

My shoulders feel burdened, my head is a mess & I feel like I don’t want to go on.

Today, I am just a girl having a bad day but for many Jamaicans this is their daily struggle.

Mental Health is not something that is discussed. It is usually an after thought or the result of an encounter with one of Kingston’s many street people who are often times termed as mad when they are just homeless.

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Let us Talk…

Today I had planned to make a “What’s In My Bag” post but after the phone call I got this morning my mood just shifted south.

You see, I have always been a trying girl & I am constantly trying to make myself a better person but lately all my hard work just seems in vane. I am not a poor person but I am by no means rich. I have been blessed with amazing opportunities which have made for worthwhile experiences & stories, however, the “important” stuff just always seem to not work.

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the action of making amends for a wrong or injury.

The act of making amends is often times the hardest thing to accomplish. It took me 7 years to realize that a head strong stance I made when I was young & foolish needed to be withdrawn.

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Attempting to dye my hair purple taught me a valuable lesson about failure

I was hell bent on entering 2016 with a new look. It would be a physical manifestation of the year of change I anticipated the new year to be. I decided that purple, a symbol of royalty, would be appropriate for my mane.

I went to the beauty supermarket near my office & bought the dye. So on December 31, when some persons were getting ready to go to church or party, I was in front of my bathroom mirror tools in hand.

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