#ShannyVal: Carnival in Jamaica (Dusk, A.M.Bush & Road March)

Carnival Monday – DUSK

Dusk is definitely a must for me . Last year I partiedd in the hills ar Dusk with some friends & it was so good I had to return! I don’t know if it is the venue or the vibe of the event itself but Dusk has proven to be consistent based on what friends have told me & my own experiences.


After parking at St. Peter & Paul Preparatory we hopped on a shuttle to the venue. I think this is one of the things I really love about this event; there is no hassle of sitting in traffic after the event or rushing to leave early to avoid traffic.

The event was great! The DJ’s all did an excellent job at building the right vibe. One DJ stood out for me though & that was DJ Taj. He took the party to a next level. I really loved his music selections & his djing style. Usually when I go to soca fetes I get a bit annoyed by the music selections because it’s the same 20 songs in rotation. The DJs at Dusk really did an excellent job because they mixed things up & didn’t just play 2016 soca. They even threw in some Hip Hop & Dancehall. Trinidadian superstar 5 Star Akil also performed, however, I was at the back of the venue so I didn’t even realize that was happening at the time.

Beverly Hills still proves to be the perfect venue for the event. Sweet soca music, great vibes & a killer view of Kingston makes Dusk a stand apart event every year.

I don’t recall if there was a food court last year but the one this year had something for every palette from soup to Doubles.

All in all a great event which I plan to attend next year!


Carnival Saturday – Caesar’s Army A.M.Bush

I knew long before I decided to do Road March that A.M.Bush would not miss me this year. I don’t know if it is the concept or the exclusivity of the event; all I knew was that it was not missing me at all. As soon as they opened registration, I registered. Unfortunately, I did not known any ambassador for the event so I had to play the waiting game. Let’s just say my wait & $81 USD was not in vain.


Prior to the event, I had absolutely no idea where the party was going to be held. On Carnival Friday, I collected my package & that is when I discovered the venue.

I have to commend the Caesar’s Army team for the collection process…It was SUPER EASY!

IMG_3213 copy.jpg
My Package

I attended the event with my friends who were visiting from St. Martin for Carnival. We got to the event after 2AM. We were shuttled to the event from the parking lot (which was not far).

I am still amazed that the promoters totally transformed Lakes Pen road.

VIBES CYAH DONE! The party was hype from start to finish! Best party & jouvert I have ever attended in my entire life. The music, the bar, the food, the people, the performances! The viking Bunji Garlin was amazing, even with some technical difficulties, the man still rocked the party. International Soca Monarch Voice also blessed us with an amazing performance!!!

IMG_3240 copy
Just as the sunrise……..

IMG_3312 copy

IMG_3250 copy

The Aftermath
12901528_1128361727215602_3252875016166462597_o (1)
Me & me crew…


I definitely recommend  Caesar’s Army A.M.Bush…. it is not just a jouvert it is an experience!

Carnival Sunday -Road March

I loved road march but hated all that I experienced prior to the day.

My Cons

  1. After spending money on a nice collar to go with my T-shirt, Jamaica Customs denied me access to it…so that was money wasted. I think I was so annoyed with the process that I didn’t even fight it. (I know better next time).

    My beautiful collar designed by Custom Made Carnival Supplies
  2. I didn’t have enough time to redesign my T-shirt because of a stupid move I made after Caesar’s Army A.M.Bush. I didn’t sleep at all after the event & went straight to a Rotary project.
  3. Lastly, the lack of information in my package was annoying especially after my Caesar’s Army A.M.Bush experience. I had to use google to find out what time the parade started because my box had no instructions at all. 

    IMG_3221 copy

My pros

  1. The road vibes was incomparable! I got to see many of my favourite soca artistes live on the streets of KingstonDigicel Jamaica really went all out providing the ultimate Carnival experience.
  2.  I am so happy I got to experience the road with my friends. The vibe was incomparable! I could have never asked for a better group of beauties to hit the road with.
  3. The rain was an absolute blessing! I think it upped the ante of the day!
  4. The DJ’s on the Digicel Jamaica truck were great. For me, the juggling was on point!
Myself & my fellow Soca Junkie Viv. Viv’s bodysuit was designed by Trudiva Xpressions.
Kadz, Viv & I
SXM/JAM Family!
Iz a feter!

I would definitely do road in a heartbeat again! I can’t compare it to anything else because this was my first time playing mas as an adult but it was definitely a great start to what I hope will become a carnival adventure quest.

It warmed my heart to see all the different countries represented on the road & how much fun all the revellers were  having on the road. It reminded me why I love carnival because it has the ability to bring people together.

Here is a little vlog of my Jamaica Carnival Week….

Until Next Fete!


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