Shanny’s Airport Survival Guide

It has been a week since I returned from my latest trip and while I was at the airport in Nassau I decided that it would be cool to share a few tips on how I survive the airport whenever I am taking a quick trip overseas, especially for shorter flights (under 2 hours).

1. Wear Comfortable clothing… ALWAYS remember you are going to have to remove your shoes at the Airport, so even though you want to look really cute always remember to be practical. Also, you may be going to an airport that you are not familiar with & you may have to walk far to get to the departure or arrival lounge. I suggest cute flats, heels (that you can manage) or sandals.

2. Little or no jewelry….they can be a hassle when going through the metal detectors.

3. Eat something substantial before your flight…two words….Airline Food.

4. Walk with a light weight jacket…. I cannot tolerate being cold & sometimes the plane can get chilly as well as you never know when you will encounter bipolar weather.

5. Arrive at the Airport on time!!! Murphy’s law is REAL..anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

6. Walk  with whole heap of “Get Vex” money… ALWAYS ensure that you take a little extra cash or your credit cards in case there is an emergency.

7. Ensure that you have adequate entertainment….whether it be a good book, game or music.

8. RESEARCH where you are visiting & if it is possible speak to someone who already lives there (especially if you are not staying at an all-inclusive).

I hope that you find these tips helpful & if you have any please share them in the comments section!
Until next time…

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