The Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by Shaunz World. Thank you so much for visiting my blog & for nominating me.

The creator of this award is Okoto Enigma Thank you so much for creating this award.


Display the award logo on your blog

1. List the rules

2. Mention creator of award and provide link

3. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link

4. Say 3 things about yourself

5. Nominate from 10 to 20 bloggers

6. Notify nominated bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog

7. Answer 5 questions from nominee

8. Write 5 questions for your nominees

9. Share your best post

Three things about me:

  1. I am a Rotarian & giving back is my passion.
  2. I am the only girl to both my parents.
  3. I love travelling & I hope to visit every continent.

Five questions from my nominee:

1.What inspired you to start a blog?

My friend Wade inspired me to start blogging.

2.Where do you see your blog in the near future?

I hope to be able to be a go to blog for persons wanting to experience the multiple layers of the Jamaican lifestyle.

3.What is your favourite food?

Oxtail, Roast Beef, Saltfish Fritters & Fried Dumpling (Not all at once though).

4.Do you have any hidden talent/s?

I can roll my tongue…. LOL… can that be considered a talent.

5. What are your hobbies?

Volunteering, watching YouTube, Travelling, DIYing, Sewing & Writing.

I Nominate:


Write 5 questions for my nominees:

  1. What has been your most significant achievement as a blogger so far?
  2. What is your idea of the ideal Sunday?
  3. If your life was an album what would it be titled?
  4. If you could meet any famous person alive or dead who would you want to meet?
  5. If someone had only 24 hours in your country where to you suggest they visit to capture the essence of your people?

My Best Post (based on views):

Until Next Time…


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