DIY: I transformed a T-Shirt into a Bodysuit

I got inspired to do this DIY from Instagram. I was looking through Carnival pictures and came across a very creative young lady who transformed her T-shirt into a romper. So I thought maybe I could experiment with the idea but instead of a romper, I made a body suit from a T-shirt!


IMG_1986 copy

What I Used

Large T-shirt


Needle & Thread/Sewing Machine

Bodysuit/Bathing Suit/Monokini



The Process

I started by pinning an existing one piece swimsuit to the T-shirt & outlining it with a marker.

I then cut along the outline  leaving about an inch & a half  for allowance. I made sure I left the shoulder seams in tack but I removed the sleeves.

IMG_1988 copy

At first I attempted to use my sewing machine to reattach the T-shirt, however, that proved futile so I had to sew the entire bodysuit by hand.

Voila! I was done in less than 30 minutes!


Instead of hemming the leg, arm or neck area, I just gave it a gentle stretch (the beauty of redesigning a T-shirt!).



I had so much fun doing this DIY project & I was surprised at how well it came out even though I had to hand sew it.

I hope you try this DIY especially for persons who may have T-Shirt Mas or Jouvert events to attend for the upcoming Carnival season.

Thank you for stopping by



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