#DryLandTouristChronicles: Appleton Rum Tour


It has been awhile since I have made any treks across my beautiful island. Of course, the Dry Land Tourist was eager to add another chapter to the travel chronicles and luckily for me, I was able to visit an oldie but good.

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, myself and members of my Rotaract Club loaded up four vehicles and headed to the beautiful parish of St. Elizabeth for the Appleton Rum Tour. It was my second time on the tour and I felt like a Rum Tour virgin. I was in awe of the beauty of the Appleton Valley just like I was three years ago when I first visited with my Rotaract Club.

I tried vlogging the experience, however, Nix (my camera) decided to be a diva so that was a no go. We traveled via Highway 2000, which got us to Clarendon in literally no time. We made a pit stop at Juici Beef, Clarendon Park for bathroom breaks and food runs. We were thoroughly entertained by the vendors who saw it fit to complement us on the most random things…it was actually rather refreshing. The hustle and bustle of City life sometimes makes one forget the warmth of the Jamaican people. This encounter was a good reminder.

It took us approximately 3 1/2 hours to get to Appleton Estate.

The entrance to the Rum Tour

When we got to the Estate, the tour naturally began in the bar with complementary Rum Punch. After one cup, I decided that I did not need any more liquor until after the tour. You see…drinking sabbaticals are not so good before a rum tour. We were then invited to watch a video outlining the operations and processes of Appleton Estate as well as a little guide to rum tasting.


Mr. Peacock


A fountain




Rum Barrels in the lobby
Inside the Rum Shop


Jamaica 50 Rum..only $5000 USD


An Appleton V/X Wood Carving
The Bar

The Rum making process in a picture


My Rum Punch


Cute decor in the dining area

We ended the tour with a sample of ALL the products manufactured by Appleton.After the video, we met our tour guide. We were guided, umbrellas and all, through the process of making the prestigious Appleton Estate rum. The tour lasted 30 -45 minutes and was very informative. The work and time that goes into the production of Appleton’s products is very impressive.

Here are some pictures from the tour:

The rum manufacturing process has come a long way


Our tour guide



The rain couldn’t stop our tour


Some of the machinery that was used in the Rum making process back in the day:




That is actually steam!
Part of the Appleton Valley
A Fire Extinguisher

We were not able to film or take pictures in the actual factory but it was a very informative experience. The science that goes into making Appleton is really amazing to see.


Another cute water fountain
Entrance to the Ageing Room


Barrels of good old Appleton Rum
More Rum!
Picture Break
A fun little challenge…making cane juice the old fashioned way
Fresh Cane Juice
The Appleton bottle shaped pond

Rum Barrels a plenty
My club members



Sampling Time

Can I offer you a lift?



Outfit of the Day
Top: Curious Gypsy
Shorts: I.N.C capris which I DIYed into a pair of cut-offs
Slippers: D’Nex Step
Headband: My friend Trudy

It was an awesome experience and I would recommend anyone to visit the Appleton Estate Rum Tour.

If you would like to do the Rum Tour check out the website here.


Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “#DryLandTouristChronicles: Appleton Rum Tour

  1. The mountains are so beautiful! I've been nagging my best-friend about going to Jamaica because she schools there at UWI.

    The tour looks really cool and fun! Too bad Nix was acting up, I would have loved to see a video of the place but these photos are just as good.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  2. You should come! I think you would enjoy a vacation here. I have lived here all my life and there are still so many places to visit.

    I hope to visit the Bahamas soon because there are quite a few places there I would love to visit.

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