COLORful Musings

In February, my good friend Nicole invited me to join her at Color Festival. I had seen ads floating around Facebook about it but I didn’t really pay much attention until Nicole invited me. I immediately bought my ticket online and began planning for what I assumed would be a fabulous time! It was my first festival of this nature.

FABULOUS was a drastic understatement!

The event was held on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at Hope Gardens.

Lately I have found that I prefer Sunday parties to Saturday night for quite a few reasons:

1. I cannot stand Sunday vibes….it is a bit too slow for my hyperactive personality. I usually end up sleeping away the afternoon (except when I have an exam).

2. Sunday events start and end early

3. It totally makes me forget Monday Blues.

4. They are usually laidback and don’t require much high maintenance.

I am getting a bit carried away and that is a whole other blog post!

Color Festival started at 4PM but my friends and I did not get there until 7 PM. My online ticket came with 5 bags of powders and a hassle free entrance line. Next Color Festival I am definitely buying my ticket online because it guarentees more party time. I anticipated the line up. Apart from the EDM DJ, I knew what to expect from the line up. Kurt Riley always gets me dancing no matter the genre he is playing; Richie D I always heard about but I finally saw him in action at UWI Carnival & I was instantly a fan, he really brought Miami sexy to Color Festival; & DJ Sanjay and soca were meant for each other…

DJ Kyle DeSouza did not disappoint. He kept the EDM hits coming nonstop! I felt like I was in Ibiza!

I danced until my feet hurt! I am an avid music lover and I don’t limit myself to genres. The promo promised Soca, EDM & Pop and the DJ’s delivered. Of course being in Jamaica, the dancehall had to find itself in the mix and it was well appreciated. The crowd was very energetic and I think the DJs fed off that vibe and vice versa.

My only issue with the event was the bar. The wait was too long. I hope the bar situation improves at the next staging of the event.

My Outfit was simple…A white crop top, a pair of white cut off shorts, boots and a head band made by my talented friend Trudy. My only accessory was my pair of silver hoop earrings.

Me & Nicole

I am glad I went because it was money well spent. I am looking forward to the second staging on September 28.

In summary…Powder + A little Rain + GREAT MUSIC + GREAT FRIENDS +Whole heap of vibes = A DAMN GOOD TIME!!!!

If you love EDM, Soca, Pop or Dancehall I suggest you check out the Next staging of the Color Festival and judge for yourself.

Thanks for Stopping By

3 thoughts on “COLORful Musings

  1. You guys looked cute! Idk if I'm brave enough to wear white where there will be bursts of colors haha

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

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