My Transition Story

I have never talked about my transition on the blog simply because I am not a natural hair blogger & I guess I fear natural hair blogging the same way I fear being a fashion blogger. When I commit, I COMMIT & natural hair blogging is a commitment I cannot afford right now.

IMG_9890 (1)

None the less, my mane tends to be a conversation starter quite often & the question I get the most is did you big chop or transition?

So…It’s time to stop running & share my transition story.

My hair was relaxed when I was about 8 years old because it was a handful in it’s natural state.

Young Shanny

So for the next 20 years I put my hair through the ringer.

Relaxed hair was never my thing. I hardly combed my hair & even with treatment it never grew past my shoulder.

In 2013, I noticed a huge difference in my hair. It decided to mimic my life at the time & basically refused to cooperate with the relaxer. I would sit through the relaxing process, get burned & still had kinky roots.

So at one of the lowest crossroads in my life, I was thrown a lifeline when I went to Grand Cayman for a Conference. I guess being away from home & my unhealthy relationship with my partner at the time… I NEEDED A CHANGE!

So…I just said what the hell & decided to transition.

My trip to Cayman was my epiphany.

My lazy ass was not going to endure the big chop process so I decided on a protective style. My style of choice… bumper (buttock) length jumbo braids a la Dancehall diva Patra.

The start of my transition



After 3 months in braids, I noticed that my hair was thriving.





I had heard many horror stories about braiding constantly but I never had issues with breakage or hairline loss. So I kept braiding until 2015 when I had enough growth to cut the relaxed ends from my hair.

My first time sporting my own hair since my transition.


When I began the process of transition, I fell prey to the trap of buying products until one day when I looked at my finances and realized that transitioning was becoming ridiculous.

I started to pay attention to my hair and stuck to products that it liked & not what was being sold to me on YouTube or on blogs. Thank God I came to my senses because I saw tremendous growth once I started sticking to a few products especially natural products like Castor Oil & Virgin Coconut Oil.



So that is the whole story. I will celebrate 5 years since my transition May 2018.

IMG_2239 copy
My latest hair selfie
IMG_2240 copy
After a month and a half in braids I actually got a little growth

In next week’s post I will do the Natural Hair tag in which I will share the products I cannot live without. See you then!


Thanks for stopping by…Walk Good


4 thoughts on “My Transition Story

  1. This is beautiful! April will make 5 years since I last relaxed my hair and December 10 will make 5 years since I’ve been natural. 🙂 Adjusting to my hair in its natural state has had its ups and downs but I would never have it any other way and I’m sure it’s the same for you

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