Brew’d Awakenings

I love discovering new & nearly new spots on the island, so you can imagine my excitement when I found Brew’d Awakenings.


I had a few meetings scheduled there in previous months but never got the chance to attend until last week. I was in awe when I stepped into the building because it was the cutest coffee shop I had seen in awhile.

The space was very inviting. The designer really scored with the use of grey, black, white & red. The colour scheme made the space seem much bigger than it actually was.



I also loved the decor wall which was the name of the coffee shop scrambled.


The interior designer really created an inviting atmosphere.

By the time I got to Brew’d Awakenings, I was starving so I had to peruse the menu board first. I ordered a veggie burger with sweet potato fries & an iced tea.

They were delicious. I  paused between bites of the burger because I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a beef burger. It was so good!

This will not be my last visit to Brew’d Awakenings. Anytime I visit Liguanea I will definitely pop in for a quick bite or finally have some of their coffee (which smelled divine).

I have to commend the staff because they were so nice and helpful.

I definitely recommend a visit to  Brew’d Awakenings  whether for working on your laptop, catching up with friends, meetings or just for a relaxing solo date.


Brew’d Awakenings is located at the new Tastee Liguanea Complex, 130 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6.

Check out their Facebook page here.

Until next time….


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