Restaurant Week 2016: Nirvanna Indian Fusion Restaurant

Restaurant week has been a mainstay in my social calendar since its inception. The truth is no respectable Jamaican foodie could miss thisweek of gastronomic delight.

All of Jamaica’s finest restaurants & watering holes reduce their prices & open their doors to all who hope to sample a taste of what they offer.


This year’s Restaurant Week staging took place from November 11 – 19.

During Restaurant Week participating restaurants offer a choice of pre-selected three-course meals (appetizer, main course and dessert). The dinner categories were Tasty ($1,850), Savoury ($2,800), Delectable ($3,800) & Epicurean ($4,300). There were also breakfast & lunch options, Nyam and Scram 30% discounted lunch combos, Morning Bites offered 30% discount on breakfast & Caterers offered 30% discounts.


In the past, I would frequent numerous spots during the week but since last year my schedule has not allowed me such a luxury so I opt to visit one “out of my norm” spot. This year I chose the Nirvanna Fusion Indian Cuisine on Lady Musgrave Road to be my spot.


This restaurant was right up my ally because I love Indian food but out of the norm because it is really far from my home.

Nirvanna was one of eight restaurants under the Delectable Category.




Just like last year, my company was my fellow foodie Nicole. We had originally planned to go on Sunday but that didn’t work out, so we decided to go on Tuesday instead so we made a reservation for 6 PM.

The restaurant is located at Unit 1, 80 Lady Musgrave, Kingston 10, which is home to a great number of restaurants.

On entering the restaurant we were greeted with a magnificent painting of Buddha. We were also greeted by a waiter who directed us to our reserved table.


We were right by the window so we had a clear view of Lady Musgrave Road & the CPJ courtyard across the road which I did not mind at all. Our table was not too close to the door so we didn’t have to deal with persons passing us constantly.

We dined like the Queens we are!

The atmosphere was wonderful & well lit…THANK GOD! because my blind ass can’t see a thing under candlelight.



The Dining Experience


We chose Nirvanna because their menu offered something for every palet.

Here is  break down of what we ate:


Nicole had the Mutton Boti Kabab which was Tandoor grilled succulent cubes of mutton in a ginger garlic onion paste.

When I had a bite of Nicole’s appetizer, I felt like I had died & gone to heaven. I literally couldn’t phathom the delight taking place in my mouth.


I ordered the Phuket Chicken which was a Wok tossed chicken with chilli, basil,ginger & crispy wonton triangles.

It tasted like Jamaican stew chicken to me which I love so I enjoyed it greatly.


Both appetizers were a definite win for my tastebuds.

Main Course

Nicole had the Vegetable Darbari which was mixed veggies cooked in onion cashew gravy with grated cheese and egg with Basmati Rice.

I had the Butter chicken which was Tandoori chicken pieces tossed in a rich aromatic tomato & cream gravy with Garlic Naan.

My Butter Chicken (left), Nicole’s Balsamic Rice (Centre) & Vegetable Darbari (Right).



For desert we had a favourite of mine Cake with Ice Cream.


Overall, the meal was excellent & the price was even better. We spent around $9,300 JMD for both meals, tax & 10% gratuity.

I really enjoyed dining at Nirvanna and I will definitely visit again. I really appreciated that the owner of the restaurant walked around periodically chatting with the customers to ensure that the dining experience was going well.

I have to take the time to thank Nicole for being my company for the evening. She has a food blog called Desired Dishes so show her some love here.

I am beyond happy with my 2016 Restaurant Week experience and  I am looking forward to next year already.

For more information our Nirvanna Indian Fusion Cuisine : Website here | Facebook here


Until my next bite…


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