#DryLandTouristChronicles: They Say The Best Is From The West….

Last weekend was an AMAZING!

I needed a little break from the hustle and bustle of city life, so I decided to spend the weekend with my friend Shani (http://sunipink.wordpress.com/) in Montego Bay!

My journey started on Friday in Downtown Kingston; I decided not to opt for the Knutsford Express route because I don’t think I need to pay $2500 for a $650 journey…lol. Anyhow….Downtown (as expected) was hot and miserable and the wait for a bus was long. 4 hour journey aside…when I got to Coral Gardens I was uber excited! It was the start of girl’s weekend! The fabulous Miss Sunipink turned me into a dancehall diva for the night with the help of her trusty make up kit. Thank God I know a MUA.

Every Montegonian I know declares that Friday night belongs to Pier 1. So…we kick started the night with a “Kingstonian” friday night ritual… a fast food run! After which we had drinks at the Wexford. Anyone who knows me knows that I love me a good bar and an even better bartender and the Wexford did not disappoint me at all.

At about 1 am we made our way to Pier 1. I am the worst dancer ever but turn on some music and i’m a dancing machine!!!!

Saturday was chill day, so Shani & I did the Bottom Road…the tourist way. And of course…we met some wonderful people. The afternoon, was spent at the Fairview Shopping Centre a.k.a “UPT Mobay.” My taste buds had a field day at Cafe Blue and the Mobay Chocolate Company; and my inner Goddess had a field day at Fontana & Bohios.

The weekend offered well needed rest & fun….

Here are a few pics from the Weekend!!!

Me (On the phone as usual) & Shani

Enter a caption
Pier 1
Sitting by Margaritaville
Me & Ele
Kissing the Elephant
Fooling around in Fontana
Merry Xmas
True Words in Bohios
Until my next trek

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