Your life begins here

Nothing last forever…..Digicel and Claro proved that one to me with their unexpected deal. I am not a business inclined person, I guess that attributes to my constant state of brokeness. I have to be honest I have been a bit of a psycho since the news broke moping around and going postal on those I love (oh I know I lost one person I love a lot) and its all for the sole fact that I work for a third party contracted by Claro and it doesn’t take a genius to figure the outcome of that….

Usually when I meet a crossroad I allow insecurities to feed fear and then I throw my hands up and move to the next thing but this time I refuse to do so. I am using this exchange of asset as my inspiration to look fear in the face and invest in moi!!!

With my renewed sense of self worth, I have decided to share this zeal with those I love. It makes no sense to leap knowing that these people are going to be there to support me no matter the outcome and not return the favour.

So what’s the point of all my babbling? I am not going to allow this “economic hindrance” force me to lie flat. I have three months to my deadline and I won’t rest until I have exhausted all possible circumstances. Its time to stop allowing fear to drown my potential and the potential of those I love. I am going to be my own inspiration. First order of business….figure out what the hell I want to do with my damn life!

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