Travel Tag

This week’s post I decided to have some fun & do another tag!

I came upon this short but sweet Travel Tag on  As to by Ali‘s blog & decided to give it a go.

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#DryLandTouristChronicles: Black River Safari

When I was at University, my part time job took me to the parish of St. Elizabeth quite often & I somehow fell in love with the parish.


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Shanny’s Airport Survival Guide

It has been a week since I returned from my latest trip and while I was at the airport in Nassau I decided that it would be cool to share a few tips on how I survive the airport whenever I am taking a quick trip overseas, especially for shorter flights (under 2 hours).

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Shanny’s Guide To… Packing for a Staycation/Weekend Visit

Whenever I travel, whether locally or overseas, I like to use a checklist to help me pack the essentials other than my clothes.

Today I decided to share my Staycation checklist with you my lovely readers.

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