#ShannyValDiaries: How Do I Keep Up To Date with Soca Music?

It’s officially soca season in Jamaica & I am super excited!!!!

The main reason why I love Carnival is definitely the music!…I LOVE SOCA MUSIC!

love soca

So by January I usually know all the songs. This year it was easier to get access to all my music thanks to a few apps & some trusted YouTube Accounts.

People always ask me how I keep up to date with my soca & these are my not so secret weapons.

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#ShannyValDiaries: My Top 25 2017 Soca Songs

It’s 16 days to go until Road March 2017 so I compiled my top 25 2017 Soca Songs.

These are the 25 songs that I am looking forward to hearing on the road.

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