Mission Accomplished 

I never thought I would have made it past day 2 much less make it to day 31.

This challenge was amazing! It forced me to connect with the side of blogging that got me started.

I had good days & not so good ones but I have no regrets. It was a well needed challenge & I look forward to embarking on another one soon.


It’s probably the Melanin

I did nothing exceptional when I was getting ready this morning, however, I seem to be attracting a little more attention than I am used to.

melanin queen
Source: Natasha’s Nook

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No Sir…I love me WAY more than I love you.

I was sitting innocently at my desk listening to a song I have listened to many times but for some reason today I actually listened to it.

The song is very melodic & captivating so I attribute that to me not really noticing what the hell she was singing about. In the song, her man is obviously in love with someone else even though he is in a relationship with her. What is her solution to this little situation?…drink herself numb.

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#RudeGyalSwag #Throwback: Midi Skirt

Rotary Installation seasons lately have required me to become rather creative. Ever since I became a member, I  found that myself accumulating semi formal dresses that I only wore once or twice before having to give them away.  Last season, I decided not to buy any new dresses but instead to mix & match pieces I already own.

SDC12018 copy

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Happy Birthday Marcus!

Happy 129th Birthday Marcus!

A great man, a great leader, a champion of the black race.

I could not spend today sharing anything else but information about this visionary.


ME & Marcus
Standing next to Marcus Garvey’s Statue in St. Ann.


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Hold on to the light…

It’s been a long day for me. What started as a fairly easy day turned into a faith testing mess but I am glad I survived!

My birthday is 2 days away & I legitimately have no idea what I really want to do. My 2016 has been awesome so far & I have done things I never expected to but since July, my life has veered off course a bit & it has been a real struggle.

Nonetheless, I’m keeping my head high, my hair big & heading onto my new sometimes rugged path with a smile. The path is dark more than light but I keep focusing on the little rays of light. Trusting that they will lead me to my victory…





Mental Health needs to be a serious issue in Jamaica

Today is one of my sad days.

It is a day when I feel like curling up in a ball & just shutting out the world.

My shoulders feel burdened, my head is a mess & I feel like I don’t want to go on.

Today, I am just a girl having a bad day but for many Jamaicans this is their daily struggle.

Mental Health is not something that is discussed. It is usually an after thought or the result of an encounter with one of Kingston’s many street people who are often times termed as mad when they are just homeless.

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