7 Lessons I Learned in 2017

Happy 2018 Fam!

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Wow I am so glad to see 2017 gone with the wind…but it has left me a bit apprehensive about 2018. However, I looked back at my year and actually found 7 important lessons that I will definitely be taking with me into 2018 & beyond.

  1. Decisions you make today can have a HUGE impact on your tomorrow – I learned this lesson the HARD way & at a time that really hindered me from moving forward.
  2. You receive what YOU think you deserve – If you believe that you don’t deserve anything good trust and believe you will not receive anything good!
  3. Patience is MORE than a virtue – 2017 taught me that just when you are about to give up is usually the time things work out.
  4. Your health should ALWAYS be a priority – Without a sound body and mind you are not able to function and be great at all you do.
  5. You have to work on ALL your relationships – I learned in 2017 that you have to work on every relationship you encounter whether it be  a business or personal relationship. A little effort goes a long way and we can’t take persons for granted.
  6. Don’t venture down a road when you know the outcome – Lesson learned with this one.
  7. We actually live in a symbiotic world – For years we have been taught that we need to be independent but 2017 taught me the importance of community. There are some things that you just cannot tackle alone and there others that you may have to step in and save someone else with no expectancy at all.

That was what I learned in 2017. What are some lessons you learned? Share them in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “7 Lessons I Learned in 2017

  1. My main lesson was that procrastination bites and bites hard… I had to learn that the hard way but going into 2018 that’s one of the main areas I want to work on… Nice post

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