Chit Chat with the Beach Bottom Girls Boss

What is one item EVERY island girl needs in her closet?….A BATHING SUIT of course!


My personal collection has been growing thanks to Shawna Brown owner of the online bathing suit boutique Beach Bottom Girls. I had the pleasure of interviewing Shawna about the company.

Beach Bottom Girls owner Shawna Brown


Shanny: You are a Real Estate Agent & Party Promoter & I know this is not your first entrepreneurial venture; With all the Bathing Suit companies in Jamaica, why did you chose bathing suits as your new entrepreneurial venture?

Shawna: I choose and do what I love, we are always at the beach, my friends and I go there a lot so Beach Bottom Girls was really created for my circle to get the best priced swimwear.

Shanny: When did you decide to make Beach Bottom Girls a reality?

Shawna: After I purchased my last over priced “stay bad” swimwear I decided its time I fill the gap; after research and seeing that the stores charge a lot, I decided to bring my own and then create a lifestyle aspect of it where you share your beach, pool, hotel etc. experience back with us, so indirectly each customer is part of a movement.

Shanny: Why the name Beach Bottom Girls?

Shawna: Was looking for something catchy and current something that we cherish on our bodies for me as well as almost half of Jamaican females “The Bottom.”

Shanny:  Who is a Beach Bottom Girl?

Shawna: We are just fun loving, adventurous people.  I can’t speak for everyone but for most of my customers they are always out at the beach if not at work that’s were we bond.


Shanny: I know that this is like asking a parent who is your favourite child but if you were being treated to a Bora Bora vacation & could only take one Beach Bottom Girl piece, which would you take?

Shawna: Any high waist until I get my body in shape lol.


Shanny: How do you balance Beach Bottom Girls with all your other ventures?

Shawna: Well Beach Bottom girls has an Accounts department and that is pretty much the hub. She tells me when to spend and when money hits my account so I do the purchasing, deliveries I plan a meet up with each person. It’s good to keep Accounts separate to track the sales.

Shanny: Beach Bottom Girls is currently an online store, are there any plans to set up a physical location?

Shawna: What I find with the physical is that it attracts a rent and overheads then I would have to raise the prices & I want to remain at a good price range for Jamaica. Online is the new Home and Store.

Shanny: What is the one thing you wish you knew before starting Beach Bottom Girls specifically and before you became an Entrepreneur?

Shawna:I wish I knew more courier services …But now I do !


Check out more Beach Bottom Girls on Instragram here & Facebook here.

Until next time


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