#ShannyValDiaries: Bacchanal Band Launch

I can’t believe its been a year already! I am still on high from Road March last April. Every time I remember how amazing my jump was I can’t help but smile & thanks to YouTube  I can watch it over and over again.


I am getting off track! Today’s post is about Bacchanal Jamaica’s Band Launch NOT Road March. I got to Mas Camp about 10:30PM or so and as expected the venue was still scanty. The crowd descended on the venue close to midnight.

DJ Franco from Bloodline and DJ Richie Ras provided the musical styling for the launch.

The launch this year als0 featured a performance by Patrice Roberts which I thoroughly enjoyed but the rest of the venue seemed unmoved which I didn’t get at all but soca in Jamaica is a special case (I’ll leave that for another post). I personally enjoyed her performance.

Tifa also made an appearance & debuted her soca remix of her hit Big Bumper which features soca royalty Fay-Ann Lyons.

By the time the costumes were revealed, I was more than excited but then I got a bit confused because I noticed that a few of the usual sponsors were missing.

After the event I realized that Appleton is now aligned with a new  band conceptualized by the Dream Entertainment team called Xodus Carnival. Digicel and LehWeGoSleek were also noticeably absent.

LehWeGoSleek is also aligned with a new band called Xaymaca International and I am wondering if Digicel will be a major sponsor for them or not  participating in Mas this year.


The Costumes

This year’s theme is Spellbound.



Here are my top 5 favourite costumes (as usual in no particular order):

Siren sponsored by the Jamaica Observer.



Photo Credit: Bacchanal Jamaica Facebook Page

Auralight by Peeny Wallie Mas



Photo Credit: Peeny Wallie Mas

Black Swan with section leader Trinijungle Juice (Sponsored by Pure Country)


Photo Credit: Bacchanal Jamaica Facebook Page

Maleficent by Unleashed Jamaica


Photo Credit: Unleashed Jamaica Facebook Page

Altissima with section leader Roast Entertainment


Photo Credit: Bacchanal Jamaica Facebook Page

With a theme like Spellbound I think I expected more glitter & glam. I absolutely loved the costumes but I just think they don’t encompass the theme.

That aside, I had not planned to jump this year but I believe these 5 costumes swayed my mind.

Bacchanal Jamaica website here.


After the costume reveal DJ Franco  and DJ Richie Ras turned up the ante by 200%! Earlier in the fete I was a bit annoyed because I heard a few songs a little too often. This is a constant complaint for me when I go to fetes because the soca catalog is too wide to really be repeating the same few songs. None the less I don’t hold that against them because I know they are good soca DJs and they have proven themselves many times over for me. I guess they were probably given a directive by the organizers.

I am a socaphile & once I hear a soca song my switch goes off so naturally I had a great time at the launch with my friends.

I am definitely looking forward to the launch of Bacchanal Friday & Road March.


Check out the vlog from the launch


Until next fete




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