My Quest for Peta Rabbit

Whenever I see an item that is unique I seem to lose my senses. That was exactly what happened to me when I saw the Peta Rabbit bag by Vincentian designer Peta Odini.

I was casually browsing Instagram a few months ago and stumbled upon a post by the Trinidadian boutique Exhibit A. I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw the Peta Rabbit bag!!!


My first thought was how I could get this bag!

I was planning a trip to St. Lucia so I thought that I would buy it then but unfortunately, that trip fell through so that plan got squashed.

I threw up my hands in defeat and accepted that I wouldn’t own this bag.

But you know life, it tends to taunt you with that which you want when it seems unattainable.

For the next few months that is what happened to me.

From Vincy Mas to Snapchat, the Peta Rabbit seemed to be everywhere except in my closet!

Thanks to Snapchat though, I was able to contact Mel from Caribbean Lookbook who sent me the link to the Peta Odini website. Unfortunately, when I finally visited the website the Peta Rabbit was nowhere in sight.

I finally found the Peta Odini  Facebook  page & messaged her.

Her customer service was absolutely EXCEPTIONAL from start to finish!

I ordered the Peta Rabbit bag in the print Crayon Bird (Blue). Prior to selecting this print, Peta sent me print options. This process added to my excitement because I felt like I got the chance to be apart of the creation of my bag.

It took me about 3 weeks to get my bag & it cost me only $30 USD (cost of bag & shipping).

As soon as I saw it, I was IN LOVE!!! *insert a zillion heart eyes emoji*

I was so in love that I rocked it the same night I got it!

My first outing with my Peta Rabbit

The craftsmanship of the bag is perfect and the fabric quality is excellent! She definitely pays attention to her details because even the unseen portions of the bag were well tailored.

The uniqueness of the bag itself has definitely been a conversation starter. Persons are drawn by the rabbit head & then the details of the print itself.

My Peta Rabbit
Look at the prints


This is my first Peta Odini design and it won’t be the last. I have my eyes on a few more items from her collection which I hope to own very soon.

Designers like Peta Odini bring a fresh perceptive to style.






To check out the rest of Peta Odini’s designs visit the website here, Instagram here & Facebook page here.

Until next time


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