We Inspire Women Weekend: The Workshop

It is with great pleasure that I share some of the lessons I learned at the We Inspire Women Weekend. The event greatly exceeded my expectations.

I can’t exactly remember but I  think it was a friend who sent me the Instagram link to this event; almost immediately, I sent an email to the organizers as per the instruction on the Instagram page.

Source: We Inspire Ja Facebook Page

Days leading up to the event, I was so frustrated trying to secure tickets that I gave up on even attending. My friends Bathsheba, Nicole & my Mom were the voices of reason. Initially, I only got tickets to the Brunch on Sunday because all the Workshop tickets were sold out. Fortunately for us, the organizers provided the York Plaza ticket outlet with some additional tickets.


Registration started at 9 AM, so I left my house very early to get there in time. I had another engagement at the same time so I decided to register before heading there.

The registration process was very easy; we were only required to sign in.

When I entered the Courtleigh Auditorium, I was so impressed by the decor. It was very refreshing to attend a female event that didn’t look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol exploded in the room. The use of yellow and white was very sophisticated & elegant.

The Panel
I loved these paper flowers done by Pap Flor




I returned to the workshop at around 12 noon, so unfortunately I missed the first speaker, The Honourable Mrs. Justice Marva McDonald-Bishop, Judge of Appeal, Court of Appeal Jamaica, whose story I was told by my friend set the tone for the day.

I caught the latter part of Nasha Douglas’ presentation.  I still can’t believe she was shy because her presentation was great.

Tishan Lee urged us to “Live Good, Do Good & Be Good” which I think is the best advice any millennial woman can receive.  Before delving into her presentation, she shared with us some women who inspired her; her Grandmother & her Mother. Both women found their strength & lived lives worth emulating. Her grandmother, in a time when a woman was to be seen & not heard, left the husband her family chose for her & found real love with a man she chose, he was her strength. Her mother found her strength in Tishan & her sister. She showed her girls that it was possible to work hard & create your own success.

She also encouraged us to start a gratitude journal.

Enter a caption
An excerpt from Tishan Lee’s presentation

Krystal Tomlinson shared the importance of Goal Setting.


Krystal’s mantra

Cogito ergo sum 

A Latin philosophical proposition by René Descartes translated as “I think, therefore I am”. 

Her presentation was so fresh & inspirational. She shared her personal struggles & showed much of our success is dependent on our mindset.


Every morning we have the power to choose which mindset to follow. Our PMA or Positive Mental Attitude or our NMA or Negative Mental Attitude.

Her are a few points that resonated with me in Krystal’s presentation.






Shelly Ann Walker was a firecracker! She reminded us not to listen to the Dream Killers. Those persons who are there to tell you how something won’t work before you even attempt it.

Lessons from Shelly Ann’s presentation:

  • Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that doesn’t mold you or grow you
  • Don’t let fear hold you back
  • Not every disappointment is a disaster
  • Watch out for the DREAM KILLERS!
  • I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me
  • Clean up the stinking thinking


Nadeen Spence encouraged us to find out voice & to use it.

Ms. Spence got pregnant at 16 years old & despite her struggles she overcame it all & found her voice. Nowadays, she gives other young girls the chance to find their voice through the I’m Glad I’m A Girl Initiative.

Find more information on I’m Glad I’m A Girl here.



My favourite presentation of the day definitely came from Tshani Jaja. She took us to church & then some! Firstly she started her presentation with one of my favourite worship songs “Hallelujah” by Jermaine Edwards; then shared her struggles with self esteem & her wanting to die.

For awhile she found “comfort” in material things & shielded herself behind a bad attitude.

It wasn’t until she found God & formed a personal relationship with Him that she finally found real peace.


Powerful Words


Powerful words to take me through the rest of my life


The Workshop Presenters (L-R) The Honourable Mrs. Justice Marva McDonald-Bishop, Nasha Douglas, Tishan Lee, We Inspire Jamaica C.E.O. Cortia Bingham, Shelly-Ann Walker, Tshani Jaja & Krystal Tomlinson. Missing is Nadeen Spence.


I am so happy that I got to attend the Workshop; it was an  inspiring day. These women overcame various challenges in the pursuit of their dreams.

My life was definitely enriched by this experience.


My fabulous friend Bathsheba & I


Until Next Time


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