Golden Moments

As I watch the Jamaican Athletes in Rio strive for gold, I can’t help but be inspired.


Nothing worth having ever comes easy. It usually takes lots of hard work & major sacrifices to achieve our goals.

The other day I came cross a video which served as a reminder that hard work can make a real difference in our life. It was not Usain Bolt’s best moment.



He was young & inexperienced but filled with major potential & talent. The man who walked into the 2008 Olympics was not the boy in the video who finished about 5th in 2004. Bolt made his mark on the world after that defeat. He went back & put in the work & today he is a 3 time 100M Olympic Champion.

I am currently enduring my “2004 Olympics” & every time I feel like quitting, I remember that change takes time & sometimes our golden moment takes months & sometimes it takes year but our chance to hit the podium will come once we put in the hard work.



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