Life Lesson from a Lifetime movie?!

I never thought I could ever learn anything other than to avoid people from a Lifetime movie but I was quite surprised today.

While watching a movie about a romance about to go very wrong, the antagonist (funny enough the con man) said something rather prolific to the protagonist. He highlighted that we are programmed to focus on what we do for a living & not what we are living to do.

It is so sad that we are what we have or where we work but not who we really are. We are socialized to exist leaving room for only a few extraordinary men & women to excel. Our talents if they are not the “right” ones are usually criticized & eventually suppressed enough to demotivate us.

Don’t let anyone force you into a box! Stop being Jane Doe, Secretary or Joe Brown, Doctor…you are more than a career, unearth your passion & your potential.


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