the action of making amends for a wrong or injury.

The act of making amends is often times the hardest thing to accomplish. It took me 7 years to realize that a head strong stance I made when I was young & foolish needed to be withdrawn.

Now that I started to seek atonement the struggle has been an uphill climb.

I am on the other side of a closed door praying that my heart’s desire will be fulfilled as I seek to cleanse the stains of my past.

To a few I am considered being dramatic because it is not like I took a life. To me though, it is as bad as taking a life because I am killing someone’s dream…

I stopped dreaming a few years ago because someone else killed my dream…

I refuse to do that another person.

Atonement is hard but it is a necessary step towards the path of redemption.

I need redemption & even if I have to kick down a closed door I will do that in order to atone.



Until Next time…





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