My Sugarplum Box Experience

The word Carnival is what sold me on subscribing to my first Sugarplum box. I don’t even remember how I actually discovered this service but I am so glad I did. I am also very happy that my first subscription box EVER was Caribbean based.

This box was a collaboration between Sugarplum box (which based is Jamaica) & TabancaBox (which is based in Trinidad & Tobago).

I ordered my box in February & was given a month to pay. After payments delivery was done about 2 week after (only because of the long holiday weekend).

Prior to delivery, I received email updates about the status of my delivery.

Delivery was very easy! The box was literally delivered at my office door.

Now to my box! Unfortunately I didn’t remember to snap a pic with my box but I was just too excited to open it.

IMG_3155 copy


So here are the goodies I received in my Sugarplum box!

  1.  Mini Wayuu bag. It is so cute & convenient. I really love that the weave pattern tells a story.

IMG_3159 copy

The Wayuu (pronounced “Wah-You”) people are an indigenous Latin American group inhabiting the visually striking desert of La Guajira Peninsula which borders Colombia and Venezuela…. One of the most significant aspects of culture that the Wayuu women practice is the art of weaving Mochilas Wayuu bags. Each Wayuu mother teaches her daughter how to weave and crochet, keeping the tradition as alive and vibrant as ever. To the Wayuu, weaving is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and creativity… According to legend, the tradition comes from “Wale´kerü”, a spider that taught the women how to weave their creative drawings into the Wayuu bags. Each design incorporated into every Wayuu bag is unique to the weaver, telling a story through the bag’s colors, patterns and shapes. The weaver takes careful precision in her storytelling, making sure that the Mochila bag is a strong representation of Wayuu culture.


2. Paula’s Channa. I am a huge fan of channa especially when it is curried. This was my first time having fried channa & I loved it! It was the perfect snack & it was spiced just right.

IMG_3168 copy


Fried Channa (chick peas) is a traditional snack in Trinidad and Tobago. Whether we are going to the beach or simply liming (hanging out) with friends, Channa is often the choice snack.

Paula’s Channa comes in three different flavors; Original, Spicy and No Salt. Each is spiced with our unique formula which includes locally grown Habanero peppers.


3.  Buddha Beaded Bracelet. This exquisite bracelet is too beautiful. I have been wearing it constantly since I received my box.

4. Rachel Rochford  feather earrings.  This lovely pair of earrings came in really handy for Road March!

IMG_3186 copy

5. “Stay Fabulous” decorative plate which was the missing piece to my bedroom.

IMG_3192 copy

6. DJ Franco’s Soca Advantage 6 CD! Definitely the perfect pre-pump soundtrack.

IMG_3193 copy

7. Copper Mug – Thanks to soca fetes I have a mug/cup collecting habit & this beauty was the perfect addition to the family!

Photo Credit: Sugarplum Box

I was not disappointed at all with my box or the products I received. I will definitely be subscribing again & I would recommend the Sugarplum box to any one!

Until next time!


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