Attempting to dye my hair purple taught me a valuable lesson about failure

I was hell bent on entering 2016 with a new look. It would be a physical manifestation of the year of change I anticipated the new year to be. I decided that purple, a symbol of royalty, would be appropriate for my mane.

I went to the beauty supermarket near my office & bought the dye. So on December 31, when some persons were getting ready to go to church or party, I was in front of my bathroom mirror tools in hand.

I followed the instructions & got down to business. After what felt like an eternity I washed out the dye & proceeded with my usual styling routine.



So…. my hair did not turn out the way I wanted it at all. I literally had only  2 purple streaks.

2 days after

Initially I was a bit upset but that quickly subsided because I did achieve my goal of having a new hair colour for 2016.

So what did my hair dye failure teach me…

1. Preparation is key! – I did not achieve the colour I wanted because I should have lifted my natural hair colour. Before we attempt any task in life we need to know what will be required of us in order to achieve the goal.

2. Don’t be cheap! – I originally went into the store to purchase the Adore brand but when I saw the price, I opted for a cheaper option. Sometimes you can’t be “penny wise & pound foolish.” Just spend the money & done!

3. Patience is truly a virtue – Apart from the  cost of the Adore dye, the process seemed too much! I cut corners & didn’t get what I aimed for.

4. Sometimes what we get may be as good as what we wanted –Let’s just say my pink hair has attracted as much attention as my purple hair would have.

5. Failure is an opportunity to work on your method or process – You tried & you weren’t successful so it is time to REVIEW & REINVENT.

Sometimes the simplest task can teach us some tremendous lessons. I am glad I attempted the process & I am looking forward to trying it again!

I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time…



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