February Favourites


I can’t believe it is March already! February seemed shorter than usual to me but that can be attributed to my constant prayers for our General Election to be OVER!

Nonetheless, February came & went & these were the things I was loving all month.


Music – Song

Teddyson John – Allez Allez


The positive message of this song in the main reason why I fell in love with it & thanks to some experiences in February it was my go to song for motivation all February.

Music – Album/Mixtape

Private Ryan’s mix Soca Brainwash dominated my ears the entire month of February. With less than a month to go before Jamaica Carnival there is no question why this mix was in heavy rotation.



Wendy’s…. Thanks to the opening of a Wendy’s in Portmore (FINALLY) it has been my go to lunch spot for the month of February.



Flower Girl... A lovable Nollywood film I found on Netflix. It  is a typical girly rom-com but with a Naija twist. I absolutely loved it.


I  barely got time to watch anything on Youtube in February BUT when I did I could not resist watching Grow With Niki Gaga & Petite-Sue TV .


Grow With Niki Gaga is a St. Vincent & The Grenadines native who is filled with so much personality. I don’t think it is possible to watch her videos & not feel entertained!



My other favourite in February was Petite-Sue TV. Her vlogs are so addictive!

Sue & her family are filled with so much personality, you can’t help but be entertained.





www.canva.com… thanks to Caribbean Girls Who Blog for this find. It is a graphic design dream!



Snapchat & Periscope have been my favourite apps for the month of February.

Feel free to follow me on Snapchat @shannydelioness & on Periscope via my Twitter @Shanny_14


Make Up

Eyebrow pencil … I never left home without having the sisters in tack & thanks to my trusty Klean Kolor pencil in Dark Brown they were!


Skin Care

Crusader Ultra Brand Skin Tone soap. The soap is marketed as a skin lightener but I used it for its antibacterial properties & it has left my skin feeling clean & smooth.




My bed! Sleep was my best friend!

Thank you for checking out my February faves! Feel free to suggest any music, apps, movies or products I could check out!


Until Next Time,


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