A Day on the Boardwalk [Beach]

My little brother recently came home for Christmas break & one of his few request was to go to the beach. One Sunday evening myself & 2 of my friends honored that request & took him to Boardwalk Beach.

I am not a fan of swimming at the beaches in Hellshire because there is usually too much seaweed for my liking. I usually got to Ocho Rios, Portland or St. James for a beach day but whenever I want good seafood I visit Hellshire Beach (Half Moon Bay), whenever I want to lyme I go to Fort Clarence & whenever I want to relax without a long drive I usually head to Boardwalk Beach.

It is a quaint little spot with thatch gazebos & lots of space for beach games. There is also a bar/restaurant & a DJ. It is also a nice spot for a little “Night Beach” lyme.

It is an affordable spot with an entry fee of only  $200 JMD.

It was a busy Sunday evening on the beach
Tired but loving island life
The feeling of the warm Caribbean Sea on a Sunday
Admiring the sea from the shore.

On this particular Sunday the waves were kind of rough but my brother really enjoyed his time in & out of the water. He even attempted to built a Sandcastle.

The view of the Sunset was an added bonus to the beach par.

Sunset at Boardwalk.
Boardwalk Beach

Here are a few videos from the day thanks to my Snapchat:

I would recommend a trip to Boardwalk if you are in Kingston or Portmore & just want a relaxing Sunday evening par with family or friends.

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4 thoughts on “A Day on the Boardwalk [Beach]

  1. You’re so lucky to live so close to a peaceful beach. I think the closest beach is 2 hours away and it’s manmade, LOL. It’s also awesome to spend that time w/loved ones as well.

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