Now the Bacchanal Start!

It’s Bacchanal in January! Usually I wait until the launch of Bacchanal Friday but since I declared this year my “Carnival Year,” I decided that I wanted to be there from the start. I also, wanted to scope out the costumes seeing that I am interested in playing Pretty Mas this year.

I wasted no time when the early bird tickets were released, I asked a friend to swing by Mas Camp a day before the early bird was originally scheduled to end.

As usual my Friday work day was eventful so I was a bit stressed/tired by the time I went home but I was looking forward to hearing some good soca music & seeing some pretty costumes.

Once I got to the parking lot, I was already in a Merry mood!

On entry to Mas Camp I received so many goodies I didn’t expect to even get. I got a Smirnoff mason jar, a Heineken cup, tiaras & beads.


After scoping out the venue, we decided to visit the bar. As usual, there was a Bacchanal Mug Deal which for only $1000 JMD gave us four drinks (Smirnoff mixes). It wasn’t a “get tipsy” night for me, so four drinks were quite reasonable. My drink of choice for the night was Smirnoff Apple & Pure Country Orange Juice. I just have to big up the bartenders…they were the real MVPs!


Thanks to all my Soca Mixtapes, Slam 101 FM (Barbados) & Hot 97 FM (SVG), my soca music IQ is through the roof lol. I didn’t even realized I knew so many 2015/2016 songs already.

DJ Richie Ras was the DJ at the turntables when I got to Mas Camp & he was spinning some Cropover & 2016 niceness!

Next up was Back to Basic out of New York. They definitely got the crowd moving & anticipating the costume reveal.


Nikki Z did hosting duties for the night & I have to big her up because she held her own.


This year’s theme is Legacy: Live the Dream.

Here are my top 5 favourite costumes (in no particular order):

  1. Celebration (The Frontline specifically) sponsored by Appleton Jamaica. 

    Photo Credit:
  2. Mojave by Peeny Wallie Mas

    Photo Credit: Peeny Wallie Mas
  3. Conquest sponsored by the Jamaica Observer.
    Photo Credit:


    4. LehWeGoSleek

    Photo Credit: Bacchanal Jamaica’s Twitter

    5.  Les Masquerade by Trinijungle Juice (Sponsored by Pure Country)


The costumes are so hot this year, I think my carnival body is a year behind!

Check out Bacchanal Jamaica’s website here to see the other costumes.

I was really pleased to see a lot of new sections within the Bacchanal Jamaica band.



After the  costume reveal, DJ Richie Ras, DJ Sanjay & Back to Basic really turned things up a notch!

Here are a few more videos courtesy of my Snapchat…


I had an amazing time with my friends and I look forward to Jamaica Carnival 2016 because if Bacchanal New Year was a taste of what Bacchanal Jamaica has to offer, this year will definitely live up to the theme.

Photo Credit: Stush

Until Next Fete



3 thoughts on “Now the Bacchanal Start!

      1. I don’t participate in road March but the costumes look more interesting every year, and the Bacchanal Fridays never disappoint so I hope this year will be better 🙂

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