Silent Hill, Clarendon

My first trek for 2016, took me to the quaint town of Silent Hill in the parish of Clarendon. A quiet farming district, it is one of the more unique districts in Jamaica. It is located close to the border of four parishes Clarendon, Manchester, St. Ann & Trelawny.

Our journey to Silent Hill began in the Old Capital Spanish Town. We had to catch a bus to Mandeville, Manchester.

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Thank God for Highway 2000 because what use to be a lifetime trip took only an hour and forty minutes.


From Mandeville, we had to take a taxi to Christiana, Manchester. That journey was only 30 or 35 minutes thanks to the fixing of what were once some very horrendous roadways.

A beautiful hillside in Kendal, Manchester
Traffic check point near the Pickapeppa Factory
Tried to capture a gorgeous church but my reaction time was too slow.
Christiana Lease School
Christiana, Manchester

Christiana was bustling with vendors, buyers & onlookers buzzing all along Main Street. We had to walk from the  Mandeville taxi stand to the Silent Hill taxi stand.

The bustling streets of Christiana, Manchester

What a surprise awaited 2 Kingstonians & a Jamerican..hahahaa. My mom refused to take a taxi (which turned out to be my brother’s cousin) because of the size of the passenger already sitting in the backseat of the Honda Civic. When we found another car we were enlightened that the taxis actually carry four passengers on the backseat & two at the front ..SAY WHAT NOW!

For my mom & brother this was new but for me I had seen & experienced it when I used to travel from Spaldings to Brown’s Town with my college friends & when I worked in Alexandria, St. Ann. Rural taxi men work by their own rules & laws because they don’t undergo a lot of scrutiny from the Police like their urban counterparts.

In the backseat of the taxi with my brother& 2 other gentlemen

On the  journey to Silent Hill, I swore I was really close to losing an eyeball or even both. I don’t think our driver Dean ever removed his foot from the gas pedal while he maneuvered the curvy narrow roadways.

Thank God we arrived in one piece!

The tranquil little farming district was well worth the journey.

Yam Sticks on the hillside
The view from my brother’s aunt’s gate

The view from my brother’s grandparents was simply breathtaking. In Kingston, you would have to pay a hefty sum to be able to afford vistas like this.

Pop’s trusty mule

In true Jamaican style we got some treats in the form of Malta, Sugar cane & Grater Cake (Yummy).

Yay a Malta!
Grater Cake! Yummy!
The view of  Cascade, St. Ann from the house
Blurred Lines…the man made track leading from the house to the main road
I could get use to this
Road side bamboo seating!
Jamaica is just so beautiful

The journey back home was much easier. We had a little wait in Mandeville but once we got a bus, we were back in Spanish Town in no time.

The Jamaican spirit & warmth you receive when you visit rural districts is so refreshing. Everybody knows everybody & you are always greeted with genuine smiles.

I really enjoyed my trip to Silent Hill & I look forward to visiting again real soon.

Until Next Time

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5 thoughts on “Silent Hill, Clarendon

  1. Bombaat! I never took a regular bus/taxi to country before, I’ve heard bout it but I’ve never done it… it looks interesting lool.

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