What A Gyal Love Soca: My I Love Soca Boxing Day 2015 Experience

At the start of December, I had made the decision that I was not going to party at all for the rest of the year, however, I changed my mind when my friend Francine told me she wanted to go to I Love Soca.

This was my second I Love Soca & so my preparation was much better than my last. We actually brought a small igloo this time!


I wasn’t too keen on the venue. It may just be me but I don’t enjoy Hope Gardens as a venue (except for Day Events). It’s the type of venue that forces you to either go home early or find an after party.

I got to the party around 9:30 or so. On entry we got an I Love Soca cup  which I didn’t end up using because I had brought my I Love Soca mason  cup. My liquor of choice was appropriate for the season… Rum Cream!

When I got to the event DJ Richie Ras was at the turntables spinning the latest soca hits. I was in the soca vibe as soon as I entered the venue. I was so caught up in the vibe that I totally forgot to take a picture… I did however get alot of snaps which I will include below.


By the time Lord Hype touched the stage I was ready to really party so much so I could have tolerated the fact that he dropped the Dancehall & Hip Hop in the middle a di fete! He built a great vibe though before he ushered the crowd back into the soca set.

DJ Smoke took over the turntables when I was leaving and he started his set on a high!



So…because I was so late, I ended up way in the back. Which made me kind of “salty” as my brother would say because I wanted to be closer to the stage to watch Skinny Fabulous perform (I love him so much!).  I don’t know what it is about him, but I really really enjoy the vibe he brings to all his performances (I have seen him quite a few times).

I enjoyed his performance nonetheless from the back a di crowd!

I really enjoyed myself BUT… I have one pet peeve about soca fetes here at home. You see because I am such a SOCA JUNKIE, I listen to alot of mixtapes & thanks to TuneIn Radio a lot of Eastern Caribbean radio stations, therefore, I tend to know the newer soca songs before a lot of Jamaicans. That being said, I did not hear any of the 2016 songs that have been released already (Maybe I arrived too late or left too early or was too tipsy to realize) & of course my usual complaint.. NOT ENOUGH BAJAN SOCA!

Overall being the socaphile I am, I still had an amazing time & will definitely be going to the next I Love Soca in March 2016.

Jamaica Carnival 2016 is going to be real hype innuh!!!!

Til Next Fete….







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