My Restaurant Week 2015 Experience

Every November Jamaicans are treated with the opportunity to dine at some of our finest local eateries at greatly discounted prices. This phenomenal experience is known as Restaurant Week.
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Every year I try to visit at least one restaurant & this year was no different. The choice this year was Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine at the Market Place.

During Restaurant Week, restaurants offer patrons a pre-selected three course meals (appetizer, main course & dessert). All restaurants were categorized:

“Tasty” dinner menus are $1,850

“Savoury” are $2,800

“Delectable” meals are $3,800

“Epicurean” experiences are available for $4,300

“Nyam and Scram” 30% discounted lunch combos

“Morning Bites” 30% discount

This cost covered the three course meals but not beverages, General Consumption Tax (GCT) or gratuity.

Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine was under the Savoury category.

The Menu

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Hummus (v)
Chickpeas puree mixed with sesame paste (tahine) lemon juice and olive oil, served with fresh pita bread

Fattouch (v)
A perfect refreshing salad, made with lettuce, mint, parsley, tomato, radish, onion, cucumber, toasted Arabic bread mixed with special spices and garlic lemon oil sauce

Deep fried vegetarian mini pate beans and herbs served with fresh vegetables and tarator sauce (tahine) accompanied with fresh pita bread

Main Course

Beirut Mixed Grill
Charcoal-grilled skewers (3skewers), beef kebab, chicken kebab and minced Lamb kebab served with grilled tomato and onion accompanied with garlic sauce aside

Shawarma Chicken
Roasted thin slices of chicken with a special marination served with garlic or tahine sauce with a siding of French fries or rice.

Shrimp Pasta
Fettuccini pasta, shrimps with creamy Alfredo sauce, topped with Parmesan Cheese

Yakhnet Khodra (v) (vegetables stew)
Mix vegetables cooked in tomato sauce served with your choice of white or vermicelli rice


Cheese cake
Chocolate cake

What We Chose

I went with my friend Nicole who is a foodie like yours truly.

SDC12278 copy

First thing we decided to order was the Restaurant Week cocktails which were made with Absolut vodka. The Kaci was a mix of cranberry Absolut vodka & I think 7 Up/ Sprite while the Citron contained citrus Absolut vodka.

IMG-20151115-WA0010 copy
We decided to try the Restaurant Week cocktails the Kaci (left) & Citron
IMG-20151115-WA0015 copy
Enjoying my cocktail

Nicole chose the Falafel as her appetizer while I stuck with the something familiar, Hummus which were served with Pita bread.


SDC12291 copy
Pita Bread

For the main course, we both ordered the Beirut Mixed Grill with Vermicelli Rice. It was a platter of grilled Chicken, Lamb & Beef. My taste buds were excited beyond my wildest dreams!

SDC12292 copy

For desert we wanted the cheesecake, however, though it was listed on the menu, it was unavailable. We instead settled for the Black Forest cake.

SDC12293 copy

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal. The hummus was sheer perfect & so was my main course. I definitely will be returning to Beirut!

The Restaurant

I loved the decor…

The vibrant red walls breath life into the restaurant. The background music set the Mediterranean ambiance. It had a very cosy & homely feeling.

I think this would be a perfect spot for a date night, family outing or friend date.

IMG-20151115-WA0029 copy

SDC12280 copy

SDC12282 copy

IMG-20151115-WA0029 copy

SDC12281 copy


IMG-20151115-WA0031 copy
Yours truly

Check out their website here:

Check out the Restaurant Week website:

I hope you enjoyed my post. Be sure to visit Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine if you are a fan of Mediterranean cooking or just want to try something new.

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