It’s My Birthday…

Today I finally said goodbye to my 20’s & hello to my 30’s. To think I dreaded today for so long!!!

Now that the day is here I actually feel very appreciative that I made it this far.

In celebration of turning 30, I decided to list 30 things that I am grateful for…

1. Life
2. To have  a home
3. A Great Family
4. To have had the same best friend for about 28 years
5. Great Friends
6. Rotaract & Rotary International
7. Having a First Degree
8. Being Jamaican
9. Living in the Caribbean
10. To be employed

11. To be a big sister
12. To know how to cook to save my life
13. Visited St. Maarten & The Cayman Islands
14. I am able bodied
15. Being a Wolmerian
16. Swim with Stingrays
17. Being Jet Blasted at Princess Juliana Airport
18. Made friends from all over the world
19. That I learned to embrace new cultures & ideas
20. To have been a positive role model to persons I didn’t even know were watching

21. That I discovered Jouvert (Lol)
22. Music & the power it holds
23. Common Sense
24. Love
25. Self Acceptance
26. To have lived on my own
27. To have learned how to drive (even though I still have no licence….lol)
28. To have conquered my fear of flying
29. To have discovered the joy that is Youtube
30. Freedom

These are just 30 of a million things I am grateful for in my life. Since I started working with grieving families, I have been reminded daily constantly be grateful for even the smallest things in life.

I am so happy I made it this far & I am looking forward to the rest of the journey…

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