#DryLandTouristChronicles: A Day In My Life [Saturday, July 18, 2015]



I went on a road trip to Manchester on Saturday, July 18, 2015 & I thought it would be the ideal day to do a day in my life feature.

Guts River, Manchester on the map of Jamaica (Red dot)

6:30 AM -Woke up & spoke to my Dad on the phone

7:00 – 9:30 AM- Got dressed

10:30 AM.- Journey to Clarendon via Highway 2000



The journey begins


Clarendon Toll Booth

12:30 PM – Lunch Break at Juici Beef, Clarendon Park

Loving my hat!

View from our table


Breakfast/Lunch ….Fired Chicken~Fries~Cranwata



1:50 PM – Headed to Mandeville to pick up  Barry

Leaving Barry’s House

2:00 PM – Headed to Gut’s River

Northern Caribbean University, My alma mater

2:30 PM – Stopped to snap pictures at Wigton Windfarm


One of the turbines

2:40 PM – We hit the road to Gut’s River again

Beautiful St. Elizabeth

3:20 PM – Finally at Gut’s River

The River

Crossing the river

The River

The water was so cool

Kadz & Dane crossing the river

St. Elizabeth in the distance

Clarendon in the distance

Black sand between toes

Enjoying the river

The Blue Hole

Heading to the Blue Hole

The Blue Hole

The start of the river

Chilling by the Blue Hole with Dane

The Road Trip Crew

6:00 PM – We headed back  to Mandeville

8:30 PM – Rotaract Club of Mandeville Installation at Regie’s Bistro

Me & the ever lovely Chantal

After the Installation we got some food in the town then headed back to Kingston.
This wasn’t a typical day but I do go on excursions like this quite often whether with Rotaract or friends.
I hope you enjoyed this post & thanks for stopping by….

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