#DryLandTouristChronicles: I Love SXM Diary….Day 1


A few years ago, when my sole desire was to move to Europe, my dad advised me to get to know home before I start exploring the world. I took his advice & since then I have used every opportunity to travel across my beautiful island home….a decision I don’t regret at all. I guess it’s out of exlporing Jamaica that my desire to travel the Caribbean blossomed. I developed a curiosity about island life in other Caribbean countries.


Luckily for me, my membership in Rotaract has provided me with the opportunity to visit at least 9 other Caribbean countries & territories in the Northern Caribbean. This blog post is about my recent trip to St. Maarten & St. Martin.

A year ago, I sat at the Hilton Hotel in Montego Bay & told my friend that May 27, 2015, I would be landing in St. Maarten for Rotaract District Conference. Until April, I was sure that my dream would not be a reality but low & behold I was too hasty to throw in the towel….my trip to the friendly island was indeed a reality.

This trip was a part of my #14for30 list (the list of things I hope to do in celebration of turning 30). Up until the day of my flight I still couldn’t believe that I was going to St. Maarten!!!!

My flight was scheduled to depart at 2:45PM for a landing in St. Maarten at 6:00 PM. Luckily for us, the flight, which I was told is usually late, was quite on time! We were so on-time we landed in St. Maarten earlier than expected. Kudos to Caribbean Airlines!

When we landed customs was a breeze (thanks to the power  of Rotaract & Rotary). We were in our black vehicles & on our way in no time.

First trip with my new passport


Can you tell we are super hsppy to be in SXM?

The hotel room was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a room with a “view”. If ever you are staying at Sonesta Maho Beach request an even number room if you want the Sun, Sea & Sand view.Sonesta Maho Beach was playing hosting duties for conference & my home for the next 5 days. On arrival at the resort, we received some refreshing pineapple juice I think it was in our coconut cups. Check-in was a breeze & the receptionist who assisted us, a lovely lady from Guyana, was very nice.

Our view wasn’t so bad. I could see Princess Juliana Airport, so I was able to see a few take offs & I had a view of a section of Cupecoy (which at the time I was not aware it was).

The room itself was very nice. It felt like a home away from home.


Our Room


Still in awe that I was in SXM
My BVI bro Sean aka Sketch…one of the most talented Artist out here. His portraits are AMAZING!!!

Visit Sean’s page here to see his work.


Roomie love… Nicole, Sean & I

After settling into our rooms, we headed to the Maho Conference room for our conference opening ceremony. It was a beautiful production. After it ended, I knew that it was going to be an amazing conference. It really set the tone for the week ahead.


Opening Ceremony with my brother from another mother Dane
  • Rotaract Club of St. Martin Nord President Marteen


ADRR for Anguilla, St. Maarten & St. Martin Maryalis



So happy to be in SXM

Tantra Night Club

Later that night we went to Tantra Night club & Sanctuary for our “Pink It Up” party. Tantra was really nice….I am not a fan of clubs but I really enjoyed it.  It was ladies night so we got free drinks as well as the conference committee ensured that delegates got a complimentary drink. My only issue was that the DJ did not have any Bajan soca at all! (I will explain my Bajan soca obsession in a future post…lol).


Fro on point!
I looser than Lucy in Tantra (I had on shorts by the way)
Soca does make me misbehave!
Club selfie with Ward
After Tantra selfie with Nicole
Elevator selfie..Nicole, Me, Paulette & Sean


I did a little vlogging while in SXM… Please do enjoy Part 1….I know it’s kind of long but I promise you it is worth it.


Places visited/mentioned:

Princess Juliana Airport

Sonesta Maho Beach

Tantra Night Club & Sanctuary

For more information on St. Maarten click here.


I hope you enjoyed this post & stay tuned for the rest of the SXM experience.

Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “#DryLandTouristChronicles: I Love SXM Diary….Day 1

  1. Congrats on fulfilling another dream! I can't wait to see pics of the island.

    Listen! Lucy makes all we islanders misbehave! Love all your outfits here and your hair is EVERYTHING!!!

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