#Shanny-VAL Diaries: Iz A Vagabond (My UWI CARNIVAL Experience)


Carnival in Jamaica has come & gone. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play pretty mas with Bacchanal Jamaica but luckily I did get to experience UWI Carnival.

In December, I made a list of things I wanted to do in celebration of turning 30 & jumping UWI Carnival with Island Mas Jamaica was on that list!

Last year was my first UWI Carnival experience & I enjoyed it so much. I went to a Christian University so I never had anything like that there. It was like being transported into a whole new world. I knew I had to do it again this year but with a band.

The Vagabond Package

At 2 PM when I got to campus I was a bit shocked that it was so quiet. Nonetheless, I got changed into my band T-shirt, grabbed the essentials & headed to the Ring Road….everything after that is a blur.

Island Mas Jamaica’s Drink Station



We basically chipped around Ring Road dancing & drinking as Soca & the occasional Dancehall provided the perfect soundtrack.

Chipping on Ring Road
The “rest stop” at Student Union

After a few turns around the Ring Road, we headed to the Student Union. This was different from last year & I found it rather unnecessary because of the time it took just to get the trucks in place. None the less, I made use of the musical offerings & the break.

When the sun set, we headed back to the Ring Road for a little night chipping. It was an experience & a half. I thought that was an ingenious move by the organizers.

My Island Mas experience was INCREDIBLE! DJ Richie Ras  & DJ Billy proved their musical genius. They reminded me of what a DJ is SUPPOSE to do when they come out to work!

I didn’t drink much because I had the flu but when I did go to the drink station service was good despite the crowd.

Soca really does give me powers because I am still shocked that I was able to do 6 whole hours of gyrating all while recovering from the flu.

Island Mas definitely had the most vibes on the Ring Road.

UWI Carnival was an even better experience the second time around. The vibe was up & live all day, drinks keep flowing & the musical offering was superb.  My only con was that I didn’t hear enough Bajan soca. I definitely give UWI Carnival 4.5/5!!!

Here are a few more pics:


My DIY Tiara
Me & My fellow socaphile Viv
One more before we hit the road
Dear Dusk promoters, you can hire us from now…hahaha #TeamDusk
Getting in the zone

What can I say?….I love flags

Til Next Fete…


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